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Parent Letter - why theatre is important in an information-rich Age
Parent/Student Welcome Video
21st Century needed skills:  THE ARTS

Unit 1:  STAGE (theatre as art in motion)

Unit Question/Statement of Inquiry:
 What constitutes ART?
 How do IDEAS take on FORM?
 What do we BELIEVE as authentic & why?

Unit Content:  
Video:  Welcome!
Video:  Composition (NOTES)
Video:  Types of Stages (NOTES)
            Optional Reading:  Performance Space
Video:  Stage Directions (NOTES)
            Optional Reading:  Stage Directions
            Optional Reading:  Body Positions
            Optional Crossword:  Stage Directions (terms from video)
Video:  Stage Terms 
           Optional Link:  Stage Terms
           Quizlet:  Stage Terms
Rubric:  Unit 1 Test (IB)
Rubric:  Original Scene Performance (IB)

Unit 2:  STORY (showing script & non-scripted stories on stage)

Unit Question/Statement of Inquiry:
 What does a great story LOOK like?
  What moves a story forward?

Unit Content:  
Video:  Plot (NOTES)
          Optional Reading:  Plot (fireworks analogy)
          Optional Link:  Climactic vs. Episodic Plots 
Reading:  “How to Read a Play”  (Crossword)

Unit 3:  ...aaand SCENE! (portraying believable characters on stage)

Unit Question/Statement of Inquiry:
 What does acting teach us about the human condition?
  How do our experiences influence our responses?
  How does art imitate life?

Unit Content:  
Video:  Auditions, Rehearsal, Performance (NOTES)
         Sample Audition Form
Video:  Characterization (NOTES)
           Optional Reading:  Character Analysis & Movement
Handout:  Laban Movement
           Link:  Explanation of Laban Movement
Video:  Wants (NOTES)
Video:  Blocking  (NOTES)
Rubric:  Scene Study Participation (IB)
Improv:  Yes, and...
Improv:  Giving Gifts
Improv:  Establishing Environment
Improv:  Rubric (IB)
Improv:  Reflection (for IB rubric)

UNIT 4:  SYNTHESIS (bringing it all together)

Unit Question/Statement of Inquiry:
 When is art considered complete?

Final Assessments:
Rubric: Scene/Character Analysis (IB)
Rubric:  Final Scene Performance (IB)

Final Acting Scenes (choose one)

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Final Acting Scene Requirements

Be sure to READ and FOLLOW these requirements!

Final Acting Scene Performance 

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EXAM Study Guide

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Course Eval (online)                                                  click here,%20REHEARSAL,%20PERFORMANCE.pdf,%20And...%29.pdfBlank_3_files/Improv%20%28Giving%20Gifts%29.pdfBlank_3_files/Creating%20Environment%20%28reading%29.pdfBlank_3_files/CRITERION%20B%20-%20New%20Arts%20Rubric%20%28Theatre%20-%204%20improvised%20scenes%29.pdfBlank_3_files/Improv%20%20%28reflection%20for%20RUBRIC%29.pdfBlank_3_files/CRITERION%20A%20-%20New%20Arts%20Rubric%20%28Theatre%20-%20scene%20analysis%29.pdfBlank_3_files/CRITERION%20C%20-%20New%20Arts%20Rubric%20%28Theatre%20-%20FINAL%20scenes%20performance%29.pdfFinal_Scenes_2.htmlBlank_3_files/FINAL%20scene%20requirements%20%28OXFORD%29.pdfBlank_3_files/FINAL%20Scene%20%28CHECKLIST%29.pdfBlank_3_files/FINAL%20Scene%20RUBRIC%20%28OXFORD%29.pdfBlank_3_files/Theatre%20EXAM%20Study%20Guide%20%28OXFORD%29.pdf