Speech II


...continue the examination of how to improve one’s ability to communicate creatively and effectively with your 1.) voice, 2.) nonverbals, 3.) ideas, 4.) organization, and 5.) passion.

The following are units covered in Speech II..

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  1. Unit 1 - ENVIRONMENT:  The impact of environment 4 weeks)

                Unit Question:  How can environment impact human response?

                Unit SPEECH: Life Philosophy Speech

  1. Unit 2 - IDEAS:  The power of ideas (4 weeks)

                Unit Question:  What is the power of an idea?

                Unit SPEECH: Personal TED Talk Speech

  1. Unit 3 -  HUMOR:  Human connection through laughter (3 weeks)

               Unit Question:  What makes people laugh?

                Unit SPEECH:  Humorous Speech

  1. Unit 4 - DEBATE / PERSUASION:  Critical thinking, research, & human  

  2.                motivation (4 weeks)

                Unit Question:  How are humans persuaded?

                Unit SPEECH:  Persuasive Speech

  1. (If time) Unit 5 - SERVICE:  The gift of giving (3 weeks)

                Unit Question:  What perpetuates the human need to give?

               Unit Project: Service Project (TBA)


TED Talk Tuesdays...

Every Tuesday is “TED Talk Tuesday”. Students are expected to watch and analyze a talk/speech of their choice from www.TED.com and be prepared to turn in THIS HANDOUT (page 1 only).

Each student will give a speech about a TED Talk two times during the semester.  (Speaking dates are scheduled at the beginning of the semester.)  The speech assignment and rubric can be found on THIS HANDOUT (see pages 2-3 - BRING rubric on the day of your speech).

Click HERE for a transcript of Miss Price’s EXAMPLE speech she gave on Sir Ken Robinson’s TED Talk entitled “How Schools Kill Creativity”.

Coming Soon:  Click HERE for a growing list of TED Talks Ms. Price likes...

The MOTH...

One of my very favorite things is a great story.  In fact my life’s mantra is “Life’s about the stories”. So a website/podcast dedicated to true stories told live on stage?!  BONUS!   Check out some great stories at THE MOTH or even pitch your own! 

One Sentence Stories...

A challenge for any speaker is hooking an audience in the first thirty seconds.  My challenge to you is to always try to do it in the first SENTENCE.  Here are some one-sentence stories to get you thinking...

  1. With a handful of bloody baby teeth, I hopped down the stairs - smile on my face - knowing I no longer needed a trip to the dentist.

  2. I hope it’s not weird that I felt a sense of pride because I got a standing ovation when I finished delivering her eulogy.

  3. A sentence printed on a cheap t-shirt helped me make sense of my life.

  4. It suddenly violently struck me that it only takes two people to carry a casket that small.

  5. You say that there’s no sorry in the real world but I took your sorry with a smile even after you destroyed my childhood.

  6. I could have been popular were it not for a poor political decision in first grade:  never make friends with the boy who believes he is He-Man.

  7. At the funeral, the bloodied, torn knuckles of my best friend spoke volumes about how he tried to release his only son from the noose.

  8. There’s only one date on her gravestone.

(Source:  http://www.onesentence.org/)

SPEECH II is a course designed to...

featured quotation:

”Speech is power:  Speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.” 

(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

daily homework

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speech ii syllabus

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