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Acting:  Week 10
(October 23-27, 2023)



Day 1: Sub (KP @ Fall Play Retreat)

1.) Rehearsed monologues independently - in chunks, using physical choices and "verbs" (intentions) as guides.

Days 2-3:  Performed Monologues

1.)  Students performed monologues and classmates gave feedback on:

  • One thing they LIKED

  • One PHYSICAL character choice that was strong/clear in the performance

  • One thing to work on for the NEXT performance (with a scene partner)

2.)  After performing, students Completed a Monologue Reflection in Google Classroom (if absent, be sure to complete on your own).

3.) Discussed the process of writing your play review.  (If absent, click and go to "In-Class Lessons about Writing a Review" at the bottom of the Play Review webpage. Click HERE.)

4.) Ms. Price introduced students of the details of our final acting project:  preparing and performing a SCRIPTED scene with a partner.  (To read/explore/choose a scripted scene, scroll to the bottom of this webpage. Scenes & partners must be chosen by Monday, October 30)  If absent, you must still choose a scene and partner by the due date. Be sure to read the scenes at the bottom of this webpage.


Days 4:  Monologue Performance / Choose a scene for next unit

1.)  Remaining students performed monologues.  (Reminder:  be sure to complete the Monologue Reflection in Google Classroom (

2.) Reflected on growth during the monologue unit:  What was learned about...

  • rehearsal

  • performance

  • yourself

  • playing a character

  • etc.

3.) Discussed info for the FALL PLAY.  Your attendance at the fall play is REQUIRED, and the IB Summative Assignment of writing a Review of a Live Theatre Performance will be due November 17 (no later).

  • For specifics (task sheet, rubric, helpful videos, etc.) pertaining to this assignment, click HERE.  (If absent, be sure to click/watch/read!)

  • Remember:  you can earn EXTRA CREDIT for ushering at one of the shows (see Ms. Price to sign up).

4.) Searched for a scene to perform in our next unit:  SCENE WORK.  (See scenes below to choose a scene and a partner.  Click on DESCRIPTIONS of scenes before reading scenes.)


    (You will be required to choose a partner & a scene - read DESCRIPTIONS of the play the scene comes from HERE)


     Scenes with 1  male & 1  female:

     Scenes with 2 females:

     Scenes with 2 males:

  • scene from Of Mice & Men  (dramatic but light)

  • scene from Duck Hunter Shoots Angel  (comedic)

  • scene from The Odd Couple (option #1 - comedic)

  • scene from The Odd Couple (option #2 - comedic)

  • scene from The Odd Couple (option #3 - comedic)

  • scene from The Odd Couple (option #4 - comedic)

  • scene from The Odd Couple (option #5 - comedic)

  • scene from 1984 (dramatic/intense)

Important topics/terms/instructions are in RED.

Google Classroom assignments are in BLUE.

Ms. Price provides ALL learning for absent students in a self-directed format.

If absent, read & understand/complete each of the day's activities below.  You are EXPECTED to do so BEFORE returning to class.

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