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Acting:  Week 14
(November 20-21, 2023)

Important topics/terms/instructions are in RED.

Google Classroom assignments are in BLUE.

Ms. Price provides ALL learning for absent students in a self-directed format.

If absent, read & understand/complete each of the day's activities below.  You are EXPECTED to do so BEFORE returning to class.

Day 1:


1.) Reviewed the W's of scene analysis:

  • What is going on?  (both on the surface and BENEATH the surface)

  • Why is this scene happening?  (What part(s) of the relationship are important to show?)

  • Where is the scene taking place?  (How does this impact the scene?)

  • Wants? (What is each character trying to do to the other character with his/her words? Express the want as a verb:  "My character wants to ___________ him/her")

2.) Reviewed a video (that we watched last week) on  Wants  

If you haven't already watched the video, be sure to take notes on what you're learning in your CLASS NOTES Journal - WANTS. (Google Classroom).   If absent do the learning/notes on your own.

3.) Discussed wants (also called a character's "motivation" or "objective" or "intention")

  • wants in LIFE (super-objective)

  • wants in a SCENE

  • wants in a RELATIONSHIP (which are revealed through a character's LINES)

4.)  Discussed "stakes"

  • Stakes are what a character stands to gain or lose if (s)he doesn't get what they want.

5.) Discussed page 5 in your booklet...what do the character's lines reveal about their wants.   Students tried to "verb" 3 more character lines in their scripts.   If absent do this on your own!

  • Reviewed: In acting, we define WANTS as VERBS 

    • Q: What does my character want to do TO the other character with these words?

    • A:  My character wants to ___________ him/her (insert actable verb)

6.) Learned about how to break a scene into actable "chunks" (beats).  (A beat is a "chunk" of a scene's action that has a specific intention.)  Learned how to name beats to see the overall flow of the relationship in the scene. 

Ms. Price taught the above concepts live in class - however, if you were ABSENT, watch Scoring a Scene (Scene Analysis)  (7:15) and respond in your Acting PROCESS Journal in in Google Classroom to the following questions:

Journal Title:  Scoring a Scene

1.) Describe the various functions of BEATS in a scene.  (What are they?  List some descriptions given.)

2.) What types of things (3 were given) should you try to identify in the second reading of a scene?

3.) When you analyze your CHARACTER in a scene, you want to analyze his/her motivations.  Motivations, as described in this video (and also last week's lessons), are best defined as what type of words? "_________ words" (or as Ms. Price described it, "actable verbs")

4.)  Define blocking.

5.)  What should blocking DO?  (Describe what the video shared, but in your own words if you can.)

6.)  What does the video say has the greatest success rate for memorizing lines?

Day 2: Happy Thanksgiving!

(There were too many absent students/scene partners today to move forward with learning...without having to re-teach/re-do when students return. Therefore students were given time to work on their scenes, with no new instructional concepts given today.)

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