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Acting:  Week 16

(December 14-18, 2020 - Happy Holidays!)

Important topics/terms/instructions are in RED.

Google Classroom assignments are in BLUE.

If ABSENT, you are REQUIRED to read / understand / do all activities posted for that day, even if it's not an "assignment".  


This week's self-directed learning (due by Thursday's class):

1.) Watch (pause as needed):  Scoring a Scene (Scene Analysis)  (7:15)

Acting PROCESS Journal in Google Classroom (week 16)

Journal Title:  Scoring a Scene

1.) Describe the various functions of BEATS in a scene.  (What are they?  List some descriptions given.)

2.) What types of things (3 were given) should you try to identify in the second reading of a scene?

3.) When you analyze your CHARACTER in a scene, you want to analyze his/her motivations.  Motivations, as described in this video (and also last week's lessons), are best defined as what type of words? "_________ words" (or as Ms. Price described it, "actable verbs")

4.)  Define blocking.

5.)  What should blocking DO?  (Describe what the video shared, but in your own words if you can.)

6.)  What does the video say has the greatest success rate for memorizing lines?

2.)  Watch (pause as needed):  KP's Theatre Class - Blocking  (9:50)

Acting CLASS NOTES Journal in Google Classroom (click BLOCKING tab) 

Take notes in your CLASS NOTES journal as you watch the video.  Remember to pause as needed in order to take understandable/accurate notes.  

3.)  Analyze:  Stage Business

Acting PROCESS Journal in Google Classroom (week 16)

Journal Title:  Stage Business in Proof OR To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday

Describe 2 possible "stage business" options for the scene To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday or  Proof (besides the coffee stage business we did last week).  Remember, stage business typically involves props and doesn't need to be directly related to the dialogue, but should definitely subconsciously support dialogue (or the characters/relationship).  Don't choose stage business that would distract from the scene.  Focus on how to show the subtext of the scene through stage business.

This week's ZOOM classes: (zoom code on Haiku)

Day 1:  Tuesday, December 15 @ 9:00  (attendance REQUIRED - check-in & directions for this wk's learning)

Day 2:  Tuesday, Thursday December 17 @ 12:50  (attendance REQUIRED - check-in & short lesson)


Go Deeper (OPTIONAL):

Script Analysis with Kimberly Jentzen

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