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Acting:  Week 17

(January 4-8, 2021 - Happy New Year!)

Important topics/terms/instructions are in RED.

Google Classroom assignments are in BLUE.

If ABSENT, you are REQUIRED to read / understand / do all activities posted for that day, even if it's not an "assignment".  


This week's self-directed learning (due by Tuesday/Wednesday's class):

Day 1:  Complete the tasks below in preparation for Tuesday's/Wednesday's class. 

(If you did not attend Zoom class on Monday , you MUST watch the class you missed on Haiku.)


1.) Watch/Journal:  How Professional Actors Approach a Script (3:43)

Google Classroom PROCESS Journal 

Journal Title:  Approaching a Script

Journal about what you found interesting or helpful in this video.  Be specific.

2.) Read/understand the two scenes below in preparation for our in-person class:  

A brief synopsis of the play, Steel Magnolias:

Shelby, a spirited woman in her 20's who as recently married, has decided to have a baby...against both her mother's wishes and doctor's advice.  (She has diabetes, and it has been determined that having a child could be life-threatening for her.) 

In this scene:

Shelby has come back to her home town for its annual Christmas festival.  She's excited, yet worried, to share the "good" news with her mother (M'Lynn) that she's pregnant.

  • Read:  Scene from 1984

A brief synopsis of the play, 1984:

In a future (dystopian) society, where everything (including thoughts) are controlled by the all-powerful government ("the Party"), and every action is watched on camera and scrutinized by "Big Brother", Winston fiercely holds on to his individuality despite the mental re-programming (torture) he must endure.  (If interested, watch trailer HERE.)

In this scene:

Winston, in this scene, has been imprisoned & tortured repeatedly by a Party leader (O'Brien), but despite all that, Winston seeks to remain strong.

Day 2:  We will be in-person on Tuesday/Wednesday (1/2 class Tuesday & 1/2 class Wednesday)

  • If you miss the IN-PERSON class, you must watch it on Haiku  (It is your responsibility to do watch/do the lesson on your own if you are unable to attend class on Tuesday/Wednesday.  You are responsible for the skills learned those days.)

This week's ZOOM classes: (zoom code on Haiku)

Day 1:  Monday, January 4 @12:15  (attendance REQUIRED - check-in & directions for this wk's learning)

Days 2-3:  You will be IN PERSON on days 2-3. We will work on blocking & stage business.  Be sure to check in at the beginning of class (via Zoom) on your remote day.

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