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learning about COSTUME design


Video: Theatre Costume Design & Technology (Oklahoma City University)

Journal Entry:  Skills in Costume Design

  1. What are the many different skills  involved in costume design & technology, as referenced in the video?

  2. What did you find interesting or inspiring in this video? 

Video:  Working in Theatre - Costume Designer (3:06)

Journal Entry:  Roles in a Costume Shop

1. What is the primary role of a costume designer?  (mentioned right away)

2. What types of tasks does a costumer do?  ("typical day")

3. What types of roles are there in a professional costume shop?

4. What skills do you most need to be successful as a costume designer?

5. Whose vision must a costume designer support? 

Video:  American Theatre Wing - Costume Design (5:17)

Journal Entry:  Costume Process & Bible

1. What are 4 things that the designer says is helpful to have as a costume designer?

2. Describe the designer's PROCESS of design.

3. What is a Costume Bible and what (in general) does it include?  

Video:  Beetlejuice Costume Design (9:34)

Journal Entry:  Design Boards

1. What did you notice about the designer's Costume Boards? (list several things)

2. What was important for the designer when creating his designs?  (to reference, to study, etc.)

3. What types of problem-solving had to be done for Beetlejuice costume designs? (problems to solutions)

4. In what ways did the designer collaborate with actors during the process?

Video:  Film Costume Design - Designers Reveal Inspiration for Designs (3:45)

Journal Entry:  What costumes can signify

1. Describe what each costume signified ABOUT the characters described.

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