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learning about LIGHTING design



Video: Working in the Theatre: Lighting Design (23:06)

Journal Entry:  What is the main role of a Properties Designer?

  1. What is the role of a lighting designer?  (stated right away in several ways - jot down all of them)

  2. What information does the lighting designer need to work through with the director in order to do her/his job well? (4:30-)

  3. What does a lighting designer do (5:17) when she reads the script?  What is the next step after reading the script?  With what is the lighting designer helping the director?

  4. What factors, throughout this video, must a lighting designer have to consider when creating a lighting design?

  5. What do you feel, after watching this video, are the TOP 3 skills that lighting designers need/use most?

  6. (21:00)  What has to "drive the technical choices"?  

  7. What did you learn or what were you inspired by during this video?

Video:  The Genius of Dear Evan Hansen's Lighting Design (3:13)

Journal Entry:  Subconscious meaning of lighting

  1. What strikes you about the lighting design and meaning of lighting in this short video?  (be specific)

Video:  Lighting 101: Direction of Light for Film (6:35) / Lighting 101: Quality of Light (7:24)

Journal Entry:  Lighting Direction

 List the different directions/types of light and benefits/results of each.  (Although this video is for film, the same lighting principles still apply.)

Video: The Basics of Stage Lighting (10:16)

Journal Entry:  Lighting Fixtures 

1.  List the different types of lighting fixtures and benefits/characteristics of each.  

2. What is the "best" way to light an actor on stage?

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