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learning about prop design


Video: Props Design 

Journal Entry:  What is the main role of a Properties Designer?

  1. What is the main role of a props designer?  

  2. In what specific ways can designers accomplish this?  (give specific examples from video)

  3. In what ways can YOU better accomplish this goal while working on OUR play?  (give specific examples using script as guide)

Video:  Props Manager

Journal Entry:  The PROCESS & SKILLS of a Props Manager

1. While listening, jot down the PROCESS of props management as described in the video.

2. While listening, jot down SKILLS needed for a props manager.

3. What new and/or important things did you learn about or hadn't previously thought about when it comes to props?

Read:  Props for the Theatre

Journal Entry:  How can props support the story of the play?

  1. Name 4 things that prop designers DO to support the story of the play (1st paragraph)

  2. What was the analogy shared to define "what is a prop"?

  3. How can the props in OUR show give "clues" about WHO the characters ARE?  (Spend some time with script and in design reflection and list at least 5 specific prop examples from OUR show.)

  4. Observe closely the photos provided.  Notice the differences between the set after load-in, and the set after it's "dressed".  (No need to write a response.)

  5. What are the 3 types of props a designer must gather/create for a production?  (see blue band across the webpage)


Read:  Hand Props

Journal Entry:  Hand Props

  1. What is a "hand prop"?

  2. What are "adds" and "cuts" and how might you, as a props designer, be best prepared to handle these?

  3. Consider the pros & cons to using the "real" prop vs. the "rehearsal" prop in rehearsal.  (Create a pros/cons chart in your journal for use of real vs. rehearsal props)

  4. What is important to consider when making a preliminary props list?

  5. What is an example of at least one "support prop" in YOUR script?


Read:  Set Props

Journal Entry:  Set Props

  1. What is a "set prop"?

  2.  Who generally communicates the needs of "set props" to the Prop Designer?

  3. What are the biggest challenges with set props?  (see paragraph after the pictured groundplan)


Read:  Stage Dressing

Journal Entry:  Stage Dressing

  1. What does "stage dressing" encompass and what does it help to convey?

  2. For decor such as curtains and furniture pieces, designers often utilize photos or drawings to show what they intend.  Observe closely the photo collages provided on this page, since you will be making your own Props Design Board (collage).


Read:  Props Shop Skills

Journal Entry:  Prop Skills

  1. What are some different "names" for the head of a props team?  

  2. List as many SKILLS as you can find in this reading that are mentioned as helpful for any props designer.  

  3. What does Jim Guy  consider to be the best "technology use" on stage?  Why do you think that is?

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