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learning about SOUND design



Video: Designing Sound for Theatre (6:55)

Journal Entry:  Role of a Sound Designer

  1. What is the role of a sound engineer? (stated right away)

  2. What is the role of a sound designer? (stated right away)

  3. This designer at the beginning of the video says that she doesn't just "pick sounds to go in places".  Instead she does what?

  4.  In what ways does the sound designer work WITH the cast and director?  Describe the collaboration PROCESSES you observed, and think about the way YOU can stay connected with rehearsals and the director in our show.  

  5. What advice does the sound designer give? List several.  (5:25-6:44)

Video: The Sound Designer - In the Wings - Stagecraft 101 (6:52)

Journal Entry:  Sound Design

  1. What is a sound designer responsible for?  (stated right away - list all stated)

  2. A sound designer is "trying not to be" what?

  3. What skills do you need as a sound designer?  (2:45)

  4. What does a sound designer need to be able to do when (s)he reads a play? (3:30)

  5. What sounds does a sound designer START with?

Video:  The Beautiful Lies of Sound Design | Tasos Fratzolas | TEDxAthens (17:01)

Journal Entry:  The lies of Sound Design

  1. What did you learn about creating your OWN sound effects by watching this video?

  2. Describe how the SOURCE (where the sound is coming FROM) does/should impact sound.

  3. What are ambiances?  (Think about if any may be needed in our show.  Keep in mind, this is more important in film than on stage, but they could still be needed for some stage shows.)

  4. How can sound effects tap into emotional memory? (Think about if there are any emotional memory sound effects that could be effective in our show.)

Video: The Magic of Making Sound (6:32)

Journal Entry:  Making Sound Effects

  1. What did you learn about creating sound effects by watching this video?

Video:  Creating Frankenstein: Sound Design | Abbey Theatre (4:40)

Journal Entry:  Sound for the Stage

  1. What does sound design do? (stated right away - list 3 ways)

  2. What does the designer look for in the script?  

  3. Where does the designer "work" during REHEARSALS and why?

  4. What can sound design create on stage?  (3:30)

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