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Stagecraft:  Week 1

(April 20-24, 2020)

Our next unit in Stagecraft was going to be learning about "WHAT'S UP THERE?"

If you were to look UP in a while in a theatre, you would see the FLY LOFT above the stage and CATWALKS above the audience.  In both areas, you'd see LIGHTING instruments, and in the fly loft, you'd also see rigging for BACKDROPS, CURTAINS, and other things, such as scenery  (chandeliers, signs, etc.) that are flown in for shows, or the orchestra shell that's used for concerts.

This week's unit is focused on: 


Complete the tasks below (in order), and be ready to discuss what you liked/learned at Friday's Zoom Class.

  • Your Zoom access code will be posted on Haiku by Thursday.

  • You've been sent a link to your personal Class Journal in Google Classroom. 

  • You must take notes in the journal provided...if you don't have one, let Ms. Price know right away.

1.  Watch:  Welcome video (above) for unit info and expectations (please watch before doing anything else!)

2.  Watch:  Video - Lighting in Wicked (3:27)

Journal:  Lighting in Wicked

1.)  What was the lighting designer's vision for how he'd create lighting for the "world" of Wicked?  (What illustration/object did he use for inspiration?)

2.)  What is a light plot and what types of things are on a light plot?

3.)  Other than the lighting designer, what other "job titles" are there for lighting a show?

4.)  What did you find interesting or surprising in this video?

3. Watch:  Basics of Lighting by KP (5:00) 

Journal:  Basics of Lighting by KP

(Take organized notes on 3 jobs of a lighting designer and any new terms)

4.  Watch:  Basics of Lighting by John  (8:24)

Journal:  Basics of Lighting by John

(Take organized notes on the basics of lighting fixtures in this video)

5.  Watch:  Billy Elliott Lighting Design (1:49)

6.  Watch:  How a Broadway Show "lights the lights" (6:27)

Journal:  Lighting in Billy Elliott

1.)  What do house electricians do for a "light check out" prior to a show?

2.)  What's a practical?

3.)  When you secure a lighting fixture on a pipe (electric), what must you do?

4.)  What did you find interesting or surprising in this video?

7.  Watch:  Lighting & Sound Board Operators (4:22)

Journal:  Lighting & Sound Board Ops

1.)  What is the role of a Sound Designer?

2.)  What does a "sound plot" include?

3.)  What does a Light Operator do?

4.)  The "board" is the _____________

8. Watch:  Fly Lines (2:18)

Journal:  Fly Lines

1.)  What are the steps for running fly lines?  (If you were in class, you would learn/do this in person.)

OPTIONAL Interesting/Inspiring Videos:

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