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Acting:  Week 19

(June 7-11, 2021 - Happy FINAL WEEK of school!)

Important topics/terms/instructions are in RED.

Google Classroom assignments are in BLUE.

Ms. Price provides ALL learning for absent students in a self-directed format so there is NO NEED TO ZOOM if quarantined

Just read & understand/complete each of the day's activities below.  You are EXPECTED to do so BEFORE returning.


Day 1-2:  Performance!

1.) Completed a course REFLECTION in Google Classroom.  Be sure to complete if absent!

2.) Rehearsed scenes with your partners (final rehearsal).

3.) Performed final scenes and received class/teacher feedback.

  1. Turned in IB Rubrics:  Criterion A & C

  2. Completed a "Post-Performance" Analysis in your scene booklet after performing

  3. Turned in your scene booklet after filling out your Post-Performance Analysis

5.) Ms. Price provided one final circle time.  HAPPY SUMMER everyone!  Be sure to keep in touch next year!  :) 

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