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Acting:  Week 2
(February 14-18, 2022)

Important terms are in RED.

Google Classroom assignments are in BLUE.

If ABSENT, you are REQUIRED to read / understand / do all activities posted for that day, even if it's not an "assignment".  

DAY 1:

1.)  Reminded about - a place to find what we do in class daily (Haiku will link you to my website if you forget).  This will also be the place that I share lessons and learning tasks if you need clarification/review or are absent..

2.)  Finished watching video from last class: "KP's Theatre Class - Composition" (starting @ 2:00)

  • Note:

    • CLASS NOTES Journal is provided by Ms. Price, and can be found in Google Classroom.

    • If you were absent for today's class, you MUST watch this video and take notes BEFORE returning to class.

3.)  Reviewed composition

  • the arrangement of parts to create a unified whole

  • elements of composition on stage:  Levels, Depth, Focus point(s)

4.)  Created a slide show of 5 stage compositions that YOU find interesting, and described why.  (Assignment is in Google Classroom and is entitled "Stage Composition Images"Follow directions on slide 2 of the assignment if you were absent for today's class.

5.) Shared findings (from above slide show activity) with a partner.

6.)  Learned about the concept of negative space (i.e. the silent, "blank", or intentionally unused space in a work of art) and how it can impact the composition of a piece.

DAY 2:

1.) Reviewed concepts & activities from last class (composition, negative space)

2.)  Discussed areas on STAGE where negative space could be used effectively.  (lighting, set, sound/music, an actor's pause in lines, etc.)  Observed images from stage, discussing the effective use of negative space in each.

3.)  Analyzed the implied/suggested meaning of negative space in each of the stage images that students chose/analyzed from last class' Google Classroom assignment ("Stage Composition Images"). 

4.) Played a name game to review classmates' names.

5.) Created compositions in groups during an activity led by Ms. Price.  (Goal:  Creative Collaboration)

DAY 3:

1.)  Reviewed composition & negative space in compositions.

2.)  Finished group composition activities from last class.  

3.)  Introduced today's topics:  Where art can be found in theatre / How color is used to convey meaning

4.)  Journaled (in Google Classroom - "Acting PROCESS Journal"):  Title:  What constitutes art?  (In your opinion, what makes something art or "not art"?)  If absent, be sure to respond to this question with your own opinions in your Google Classroom Process Journal under this week's dates.  Use (bold) title provided, hit enter, and then respond.)

5.) Introduced Julie Taymor (a director/designer) and some of her creative & artistic work on stage/in film


6.) Watched compilation clip from The Lion King on stage  (directed/designed by Taymor).  Discussed what was striking in the clip and where "art" was seen on the stage.  (If absent, be sure to watch.)

DAY 4:

1.)  Reviewed composition & negative space & art in compositions.

2.) Discussed how the director's goal is to create MEANING using ARTISTIC ELEMENTS, and how all design elements use COLOR to create subconscious meaning.  As a class, we discussed the subconscious and cultural meanings of various colors (ex:  Red, in our culture, often signifies anger/wrath, or love; Black often signifies evil or death; yellow often signifies happiness, etc.)  If absent, read.

3.)  Participated in our first acting project:  Open-Ended Scene (in Google Classroom - "Open Ended Scene")

  • Students partnered up and chose a color "to work with".

  • Pairs discussed the cultural/subconscious meaning of their chosen color.

  • Pairs were given an "open-ended" script and were asked to create a scene that conveyed the MOOD/MEANING of the color chosen, using the script provided.

4.) Performed Open-Ended Scenes for the class (this performance serves as each student's "pre-test" for IB Criterion C:  Thinking Creatively)

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