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Acting:  Week 5
(March 7-11, 2022)

Important terms are in RED.

Google Classroom assignments are in BLUE.

If ABSENT, you are REQUIRED to read / understand / do all activities posted for that day, even if it's not an "assignment".  

DAY 1: 

1.) Reviewed the concept of "showing more than you tell" and "creating believability" with your acting choices.

2.) Practiced stage directions during a teacher-led class activity (as learned about in last weeks video ("KP's Theatre Class - Stage Directions")

3.) Explored ideas for creating a new partner scene using specific stage directions given by Ms. Price (See "Stage Directions Scene" in Google Classroom.)

4.) Participated in teacher-led activities designed to develop STRONGER and more CREATIVE ideas for your scenes.

DAY 2:  

1.)  Rehearsed scenes (Stage Directions scene) and reviewed RUBRIC.

2.)  Completed  "REFLECTION #2 (Stage Directions Scene)" in Google Classroom.  (Answered first 3 questions.)

3.) Performed Stage Directions scenes and received class feedback.  (Note:  Be sure you've written your feedback on your REFLECTION #2 (Stage Directions Scene) in Google Classroom.)

DAYS 3: 

1.) Reviewed Stage Directions as a class.

2.) Students finished performing Stage Directions scenes, and received feedback.


1.) Reviewed the IB Rubric for "Thinking Creatively" and discussed how grading growth will work on our first project.  (Note: Rubric can be found in Google Classroom or linked above.)

2.) Completed the FINAL two post-performance questions on Reflection #2 in Google Classroom.  (This reflection is for your Stage Directions Scene performance.)

3.) Reviewed stage directions and final groups finished performing Stage Directions scenes.

4.) Watched remainder of video ("KP's Theatre Class - Stage Directions" (from 3:58 to the end) and took notes in Google Classroom CLASS NOTES.  (If absent, be sure to do this before you return.)

5.) Practiced the following terms given in the video with a partner: open, closed, share, give, take, cover, upstage; also practiced Body Positions on stage (1/4 position, profile, 3/4 position)

HOMEWORK:  You will have a Summative Test (IB Criterion A:  Knowing & Understanding) in one week (on Thursday, September 30) on the concepts and terms learned from the following videos (for which you took notes in Google Classroom):  

  1. Types of Stages,

  2. Stage Directions,

  3. Stage Terms (we will watch Stage Terms next class)

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