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Acting:  Week 9

(October 26-30, 2020)

Important topics/terms are in RED.

Google Classroom assignments are in BLUE.

If ABSENT, you are REQUIRED to read / understand / do all activities posted for that day, even if it's not an "assignment".  

DAY 1:

1.) Debriefed:  What did you learn about the CREATIVE PROCESS from our Homecoming Door Decoration project?

2.) Participated in a class activity:   "one-word story".

3.) Discussed our next unit:  STORY

4.) Journaled (in Google Classroom JOURNAL under week 9; Title:  "Great" Stories)

  • What does a great story "look" like?

  • What moves a story forward?

5.) Learned that there is often a "form" to good storytelling by watching a video by Ira Glass in which he discusses:

  • ANECDOTE:   a sequence of actions where one things leads to another 

  • BAIT:  when a storyteller/story presents questions in the audience's mind that makes the audience/reader/viewer want to know/see/hear more

6.)  Watched a short film (Lost & Found Shop) and discussed the "anecdote" and "bait" offered in the story by the filmmaker.

7.) Listened to 3 different clips played by Ms. Price and responded in Google Classroom JOURNAL:  "Feels Like" and "Looks Like" for each clip.  (If ABSENT, see Ms. Price when you return.  This activity will be used to create our 4th (and final) scene for our IB Summative:  Thinking Creatively.)

8.) Received instructions for our final acting scene (for IB Summative "Thinking Creatively")

  • With a partner (of your choice), create a GOODBYE SCENE to music (choose clip #1, #2, or #3)

    • Be SPECIFIC in your CHOICES (character, setting, why's, etc.)

    • Your STORY should have a beginning, conflict, sequence of actions, and resolution (NOT the same action over and over).  

    • No talking (or mouthing words).  Work to SHOW more than you tell.  

9.) Collaborated with partner to develop a concept, artistic intention, and strong story for a Goodbye Scene to music. 


10.) Rehearsed concepts/scenes.  (You will perform your scene next class.)

DAY 2:


1.) Reviewed concepts/ideas from last class' music activity.  Added to ideas while listening to each music clip again.  (How can you make your idea even stronger?  Any new ideas?)  Reviewed "anecdote" and "bait" in storytelling.

2.) Watched Ira Glass on Storytelling - part II and discussed why letting some ideas "die" can sometimes allow better ideas to "live". 

3.) Journaled in response to the following questions: 

(in Google Classroom JOURNAL under week 9; Title: Failure & Learning to "think creatively")

  • What have you been taught about "failure" in your life?  (through adults' actions, not words)

  • How can learning to think creatively (and producing creative work) help you in YOUR chosen career/life path? 

4.) Analyzed the story structure of 2 Goodbye Scene performances by former Acting students.

5.) Rehearsed Goodbye scenes with a partner.

6.) Completed questions #1-3 on Reflection #4 (in Google Classroom under week 9; Assignment:  Reflection #4 (Goodbye Scene to Music)

7.) Performed Goodbye scenes and received audience feedback.

8.)   Journaled in response to the following questions: 

(in Google Classroom JOURNAL under week 9; Title: Thinking creatively")

  • What have you learned about thinking creatively as a result of creating original scenes this unit?

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