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Acting:  Week 8

(March 15-19, 2021 - VIRTUAL)

Important topics/terms are in RED.

Google Classroom assignments are in BLUE.

If ABSENT, you are REQUIRED to read / understand / do all activities posted for that day, even if it's not an "assignment".  


DAY 1:  (Note:  Your Summative Unit 1 test is postponed to Day 1 next week.)

1.) (In Zoom Class Tuesday) Participate in a class activity led by Ms. Price:   "one-word story".

2.) (In Zoom Class Tuesday)  Discuss our next unit:  STORY

3.) Journal (in Google Classroom PROCESS JOURNAL under week 8)

Journal Title:  "Great" Stories

  • (In your opinion) What does a great story "look" like?

  • (In your opinion) What moves a story forward?

4.) Watch a video by Ira Glass in which he discusses anecdotes & bait in storytelling.  Respond to the following journal prompt (in Google Classroom PROCESS JOURNAL under week 8)

Journal Title:  Anecdote & Bait in Storytelling

  • Note:  Ira Glass is a radio host who precedes podcasts.  Although in this video he discusses stories told on his radio show/podcast, most of the principles he discusses apply to stories told on stage, as well.

  • Describe (full sentences) what the "anecdote" and "bait" is in storytelling.  Why are both important & how should each be used to create interesting stories?

5.)  Watch a short film by film-maker Caleb Slain (Lost & Found Shop). Pay attention to the "anecdote" and "bait" offered in the story by the filmmaker.  Be ready to discuss in Zoom class on Thursday.

DAY 2:  (You must attend Zoom class Thursday so you can begin to prepare for your final IB Summative scene.)

1.)  (In Zoom Class Thursday) Discuss the "anecdote" and "bait" in Lost & Found Shop.  (You were supposed to watch this video last class.  Come ready to discuss this video in class today.)


2.)  (In Zoom Class Thursday) Listen to 3 different clips played by Ms. Price and respond in Google Classroom PROCESS JOURNAL:  "Feels Like" and "Looks Like" for each clip. 

NoteThis activity will be used to create our 4th (and final) scene for our IB Summative:  Thinking Creatively.

3.) (In Zoom Class Thursday) Received instructions for our final acting scene (for IB Summative "Thinking Creatively")

  • With a partner (of your choice), create a GOODBYE SCENE to music (choose clip #1, #2, or #3)

    • Be SPECIFIC in your CHOICES (character, setting, why's, etc.)

    • Your STORY should have a beginning, conflict, sequence of actions, and resolution (NOT the same action over and over).  

    • No talking (or mouthing words).  Work to SHOW more than you tell.  

4.) In Zoom Class Thursday) Collaborated with a partner to develop a concept, artistic intention, and strong story for a Goodbye Scene to the music clips shared in Zoom class on Thursday, March 18. 


5.  You will rehearse & perform your scene next class (in-person).

** Remember:  You will have a Unit Test on Types of Stages, Stage Directions, Stage Terms NEXT CLASS(First thing on Tuesday, 3/23/21)

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