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Adv. Acting:  Week 2

(April 27 - May 1, 2020)

Creativity Demands to be Shared

"A solitary fantasy can transform a million realities."  

-Maya Angelou

1.)  Watch:   Attention & Creativity (above) | Joseph Gordon-Levitt (13:15) 

Journal:  Attention & Creativity

In light of last week's lessons/discussions (i.e. that Creativity demands stillness & a "sacred" space), please journal what stands out to YOU from this video and why.

2.)  Read:   

Last week, at our Zoom class, we started out with the question:  "How are you FEELING?".  You shared that you are feeling scared, inspired, chaotic, worried, introspective, sad, productive, etc.  In all creative arts (stories, music, visual art, dance, acting, etc.), the shared human condition is often a starting point for finding and creating meaning through art.  The art created is the artist's expression of that "meaning". 


An artist is someone who can take something from the inner world and find a way to convert it into a shared/collective experience...because artists know that creativity demands to be shared.

Arriving at that "collective experience" is also a journey of sharing, as well.  Creativity likes to be spoken, shared, bounced around, added to, dismantled, analyzed, and grow.  When we collaborate with others, often our own ideas/creativity becomes stronger, and the experience (and art) becomes richer.

This week we'll be learning about the shared experience of creativity - both in the process, and in the product of art.  While online learning doesn't lend itself seamlessly to this endeavor, we're going to get creative and try...together.

3.)  Write:  Your Monologue - "CONTAINED"

Continue working on taking your shared FEELING word (something from your "inner world") and converting it into a collective experience (your monologue).  Be honest with yourself as you write.  Don't write something that doesn't sound like YOU.  Remember, you have a unique angle on your life that ONLY you can share.  So share it.  (Reach out if/when you need help!  Please submit via Google Classroom by Wednesday 9 a.m. to give me time to read & give feedback before Friday's class.)  


Note: If you've chosen the second monologue option (to write about someone else's perspective/experience that is very different than your own), still work to keep the character "voice" honest and true to the person who shared the thoughts/ideas/story.

4.) Watch: Video 1:  Curious Incident... 

Video 2:  Ink

Journal:  From "Feeling" to Sharable Art

1.)  Write all the "FEELING words" you hear the designer share that indicate how she wanted the show to FEEL to an audience.  You can also write down any IMAGE words shared, such as "night club" or "rat run".  (Sub-title one entry as "Curious" and the other "Ink" so I know which video you're referring to.)

2.)  What did you find interesting in these videos?

5.) OPTIONAL - Watch:   3 ways to create a space that moves you, from a Broadway set designer | David Korins

What I appreciate about the ideas shared in this video: 

  • Great thoughts from an amazing designer (designer of Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, Beetlejuice, etc.)

  • David shares his PROCESS for starting from "feeling".

6.)  Prepare:  Be ready for our Zoom Class on Friday. (The Zoom Access code is on Haiku.)

Come prepared on Friday:​​

  • Have your completed monologue  (Be sure to read my feedback and make any changes needed, but DON'T worry about it being "perfect" - just come ready to SHARE.)

  • Be sure you've completed all of the above activities, and have TURNED IN your Journal via Google Classroom.

Note:  You will get directions for your NEXT Creativity assignment at the Zoom Class on Friday.

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