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Adv. Acting:  Week 1

(August 31-Sept 3 - half class)

Building on the Past; Preparing for the Future...

1.)  Discussed the purpose of the course and what students hoped to get out of the experience of Advanced acting.

2.) Observed  the Adv. Acting "legacy" through show photos from past black box shows; discussed the design, use of the black box space, and "audience experience" for each.  Click below to observe.

3.)  Participated in an improv activity:  "If 2020 were a..."

4.)  Discussed:  WHY do we do theatre?

  • What does it "do" for the participant?

  • What does it "do" for the observer?

  • What are the many "purposes" for theatre?

5.)  Shared:  Students who have taken the course previously, as well as new students, shared their opinions/experiences with eachother.

  • Building on the Past:  For those NOT new to Adv. Acting...

    • What have you GAINED from your participation in AA?​

    • What BIG IDEAS and LIFE-CHANGING habits have you explored as the result of AA?

    • What was the BENEFIT of starting with the big idea of CREATIVITY last year?

  • Preparing for the future:  For those who ARE new to this class...​

    • What do you hope to GAIN?​

    • What BIG IDEAS and HABITS would you like to explore?

    • How do you hope to grow as an actor/artist...whether we get to do a show or not?

6.)  Responded:  To be an artist is to...[verb]

  • Discussed:

    • While most people focus on what IS, artists CREATE new realities.

    • Artists rarely grow/create without being influenced by the world around them.  To be an artist is to view the world differently and create/grow from it.

    • What are YOU reading, observing, listening to, experiencing RIGHT NOW that pushes you to think/create/grow?

Go Deeper (Optional):   What creativity is trying to tell you (Jonathan Tilley at TEDx - start @ 2:18 to skip intro)

What I appreciate about the ideas in this video: 

  • The idea shared that creativity is necessary and has needs

  • 3 specific things that creativity NEEDS 

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