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Adv. Acting:  Week 4

(February 16-19, 2021 - Happy Mid-Winter Break!)

The Role of Directors / Designers

DAY 1:  (Note:  Only one class this week due to Mid-Winter Break & 2 snow days)

1.)  Ms. Price announced/reminded: 

  • Class Show Date(s):  May 24-26, 2021 

  • We can not rehearse on stage May 24 (Awards night), so we need to discuss possible solutions

  • (One solution would be to have our final tech rehearsal on Tuesday, and two performances on Wednesday)

2.)  Ms. Price Read from "A Sense of Direction" and students responded in their Adv. Acting PROCESS Journal in Google Classroom to the following questions:

  1. What does the author say is the most important characteristic of a work of art?

    • UNITY (= relationship to ITSELF)​

  2. What, according to the author, is the second characteristic of a work of art?

    • REVEALS THE UNIVERSE (= relationship to a GREATER TRUTH)​

  3. What is the third characteristic of a work of art?

    • AWAKENS THE SPIRIT (= relationship to ARTIST/AUDIENCE)​

  4. What else is art/theatre expected to have that show business and television entertainment are not expected to have?

    • THE BEAUTY OF HUMANKIND (=our relationship to EACHOTHER)​

  5. On what does an actor build his/her profession/craft/art?

    • BELIEF

3.)  Discussed:  Where does a director START when preparing to direct a show?

  • KP's Method:  Start with the show's

    • "Emotional Center"​

    • Theme

    • (Style)

4.) Discussed:  What is the "emotional center" of OUR show?

5.) Discussed:

  1. A show's DIRECTOR can't begin directing without knowing...?

    • Their design/director's CONCEPT

    • The SET

  2. A show's DESIGNER(S) can't begin designing without knowing...?

    • What the SCRIPT says is NEEDED

    • The design/director's CONCEPT

6.)  Ms. Price shared Design teams for our show:

  1. SM:  Callum / ASM:  Brooke

  2. Set:  Drake, Brennan, Savannah, Sam

  3. Costumes:  Janelle, Haley, Bella, Liv

  4. Hair/Make-up:  Ava, Calleigh, Ashlynn

  5. Props:  Ben, Macy, Aidan, Tanner

  6. Sound:  Audrey

  7. Lighting:  Nathan, Jamie

7.) Design Groups began their script work (determining the "needs of the script" for each design area).

  • Advice from Price:

    • Consider HOW things need to function, not just WHAT needs to be on stage.​

    • Determine your needs in SHOW ORDER (from beginning to end)

    • DON'T DESIGN yet - consider only what's NEEDED based on the SCRIPT.

    • Consider all needs - both stated and implied(If a character pulls an apple out of his pocket, it's implied that his costume needs a pocket - big enough for an apple.)

  • Complete your Design "Needs" Spreadsheet in Google Classroom (ALL students must complete their own, but you can work together in teams to complete this assignment.  A show can't begin without it.)

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