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Adv. Acting:  Week 2
(August 30-Sept 2, 2021)
The Creative Process / Creative Collaboration

DAY 1:

1.)  Observed photos from past Adv. acting shows in the Black Box, and discussed:

  • What did you notice...

    • about how the SPACE IS USED?​

    • about the DESIGN? (set, costumes, lighting, props, etc.)

    • about the AUDIENCE'S EXPERIENCE?

2.)  Discussed:  What do you see as the PROCESS of creating and/or the process of creativity?

3.)  Discussed the creative process in relation to producing our own show this semester.  (Goal vs. Task)

DAY 2:

1.) Discussed the option of "Script Club" as a class.

2.) Discussed the GENRE or STYLE of show we'd like to do as a class.  The class listed the following:

  • stylized

  • dramatic

  • visceral intimacy

  • uncomfortable?

  • abnormal for High School (to attempt)

3.) Spent time exploring/discussing each of the above "directions" for a possible show.

DAYS 3-4:

1.) Discussed show dates:  Week of December 6-10, 2021, which will include: 

  • 1 full after-school dress rehearsal

  • 1 full after-school tech rehearsal

  • 2 show days/nights 

  • (discussed preferences for number of performances)

2.) Listened to 3 different clips of music that Ms. Price feels "evoke" the class' desired genre/style of show to perform.  Students listed "feeling" words for what the music evoked in them personally.  The class shared their words, and Ms. Price created a master list.

3.) Creatively collaborated:  Using the "feeling words" and styles shared in class (see Day 2), students created (in groups) scenes for each clip of music.

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