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Adv. Acting:  Week 2

(February 1-5, 2021)

The Creative Process

DAY 1:

1.)  Shared (in groups from last week):  I'd love to collaborate with you again because...

2.)  Read the syllabus (individually) and picked out WHY you feel Adv. Acting could be valuable to your future.  (See left column on page 1 of the syllabus and respond in your Adv. Acting PROCESS Journal in Google Classroom.


3.)  Debriefed last week's activity:  "Tell me your story"

  • What did you learn about creative collaboration from last week's "tell me your story" activity?

  • What do YOU tend to connect with the most when it comes to others' stories?

  • What do you feel are the challenges of both sharing YOUR story, and creating with OTHERS' stories?

  • What brings a story "to life" on stage or film?

  • What role do artists play in sharing stories?

4.)  Discussed:  

An artist is someone who can take something from the inner world and find a way to convert it into a shared/collective experience...because artists know that creativity demands to be shared.

Arriving at that "collective experience" is also a journey of sharing, as well.  Creativity likes to be spoken, shared, bounced around, added to, dismantled, analyzed, and grow.  When we collaborate with others, often our own ideas/creativity becomes stronger, and the experience (and art) becomes richer.

This week we'll be learning about the shared experience of creativity - both in the process, and in the product of art. 

5.)  Collected Ideas (together):  What do you see as the PROCESS of creating and/or the process of creativity?

6.)  Watched & Discussed:  Ira Glass–The Perpetual Struggle To Find Your Creative Voice

7.) Read (& Discussed) an interview with film-maker Caleb Slain from last year's Adv. Acting class.  (Click HERE.)

8.)  Discussed the creative process in relation to producing our own show this semester.  (Goal vs. Task)

9.)  Introduced Caleb Slain's newest film project, and that we will be zooming with him on Friday!  :)   Come with questions.

10.)  In closing, watched  Patton Oswalt Reveals What Keeps Creative People From Creating (5:06)

11.) Optional:  Watch How craving attention makes you less creative | Joseph Gordon-Levitt

DAY 2:

(Ms. Price will post the day's activities AFTER class.  As you know, this course is based on relational learning and a creative PROCESS.  Therefore, each class tends to find its own path...sometimes different from KP's plan.) 

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