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Adv. Acting:  Week 5
(September 20-24, 2021)
Exploring Scenic Needs & Design Concept

DAYS 1-2:  

1.) Reviewed the 5 phases of a Director's Process:

  1. Phase 1:  Script Analysis (includes script study, character study, design process, research, formulating a Director's Concept, etc.)

  2. Phase 2:  Collaboration Process (includes communication with, & organization of, teams that will be working on the show; includes sharing vision, style, design, etc.)

  3. Phase 3:  Audition & Casting Process

  4. Phase 4: Rehearsal Process

  5. Phase 5:  Dress / Tech / Performance (when show is turned over to the SM)

2.) Discussed how this week we will be spending most of our time on Phase 2.  (Last week was Phase 1.) 

3.) Discussed:

  1. A show's DIRECTOR can't begin directing without knowing...?

    • Their design/director's CONCEPT

    • The SET

  2. A show's DESIGNER(S) can't begin designing without knowing...?

    • What the SCRIPT says is NEEDED

    • The design/director's CONCEPT

4.)  Worked in groups to read through the script with Set Design in mind.  (Completed a "Set Needs" assignment in Google Classroom)

5.) Discussed Set Design Concepts as a class (after working through script looking at "Set Needs")

DAY 3: 

1.) Ms. Price announced design teams and cast list.


2.)  Design Groups began their script work (determining the "needs of the script" for each design area).

  • Advice from Price:

    • Consider HOW things need to function, not just WHAT needs to be on stage.​

    • Determine your needs in SHOW ORDER (from beginning to end)

    • DON'T DESIGN yet - consider only what's NEEDED based on the SCRIPT.

    • Consider all needs - both stated and implied(If a character pulls an apple out of his pocket, it's implied that his costume needs a pocket - big enough for an apple.)

  • Complete your Design "Needs" Spreadsheet in Google Classroom (ALL students must complete their own, but you can work together in teams to complete this assignment.  A show can't begin without it.)

3.) Discussed "rough" set design/concept (enough to begin rehearsals)

3.) Ms. Price began rehearsals with cast:  Rehearsal unit 1 & 2

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