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Stagecraft: Week 13 - VIRTUAL

(November 23-24 - Happy Thanksgiving!)

Important terms/concepts/info are in RED.

Google Classroom assignments are in BLUE.

This week's self-directed learning (to be completed by class on 11/24):

1. Read the ASSIGNMENT for your final Stagecraft Project HERE.  (Read BOTH pages in their entirety.  We will begin our projects the week after Thanksgiving.)

2. Read the RUBRIC for your upcoming Final Stagecraft Project HERE.  (This will be the rubric for your set designs & presentation.)

3.  Listen to the opening numbers from your choice of FIVE of the musicals listed below.  Try to determine what the music FEELS like, (even when there are no lyrics) and then try to determine what the MEANING/STORY/THEME is from just the opening number (from the lyrics).  Respond in Google Classroom (Assignment:  Intro to Musical Design Project)​​.  It is recommended that you respond on your Google Classroom assignment WHILE listening to the numbers (since the musical mood may shift/change throughout).


*REMEMBER:  The music's mood ("feels like") ALWAYS impacts design.  In musicals, the music drives certain design decisions (just as much as "setting" does).

4. Choose a musical (from the above list) that you'd like to READ and DESIGN A SET for.  Indicate your choice on the bottom of your Intro to Musical Design Project assignment in Google Classroom.

This week's ZOOM class:

Tuesday, November 24 @ 12:30  (Attendance REQUIRED, but you only have to stay in the Zoom session if you didn't complete LAST WEEK'S assignments/projects by last Friday, November 20, or THIS WEEK'S assignment by class time on 11/24.

Where will we go from here?

While learning about the Design Process, you will read a script - from the list of musicals above - and then design your own musical set for two of the musical's scenes and the transition between the scenes.

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