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Stagecraft Week 15  (Hybrid)

(December 7-11, 2020)

Important terms/concepts/info are in RED.

Google Classroom assignments are in BLUE.

In this Stagecraft unit, we are learning about THE PROCESS OF DESIGN in theatre.

So far we've discussed that most design starts with defining what something should "feel" like (or how we want the audience to "feel").  However, all things that are designed in the world MUST also satisfy certain NEEDS.  The same is true in theatre.  A set/scenic design must satisfy the needs of the script.

Once a designer has determined all of the NEEDS for the set (as stated or implied in the script), (s)he can begin the next phase of design:  RESEARCH


Research in theatre isn't necessarily the boring type of research you do in High School.  Think of scenic design research, instead, as a scavenger hunt.  It's a "gathering process" where one piece of information/inspiration leads to another, until you eventually arrive at a the "STARTING POINT" for your overall design concept.

This week's unit is focused on...  



This week's self-directed learning (to be completed by our in-person class on 12/11):

1. Read ALL Information written above (if you haven't already) for this unit.

2.  Choose your INDIVIDUAL focus for the week and write it in your Process Journal in Google Classroom under Week 15.

3.  Decide which TWO CONSECUTIVE SCENES (and transition) from your chosen musical for which you'd like to design a set.  (Ms. Price will ask for this information in class on Friday.  Be sure you know your scene #s & pages that you're designing for.)

4.  Watch:  Mary Poppins -  Creating Mary's World  (4:44)

Google Classroom Journal Title: Scenic Design (Mary Poppins)  (week 15 - day 1)

1.) What were some of the NEEDS of the script?

2.) From where did the designer find INSPIRATION for the design?  (both the original design and the touring show's design)

3.) How did the design handle transitions?

5.  Watch:  KP Teaching Video:  Scenic Design Research (5:00)

Google Classroom Journal Title:  Research in Design  (week 15 - day 1)

1. Take notes on what could be researched when designing a set.

2. What set designs shown in the video intrigued you and why?

3.  List 3-5 specific things that would be helpful to research for YOUR script/musical? ​

  • For example, maybe for Once On This Island it could help you to research the topography of the island on which the fictional story takes place.  Or for Little Shop of Horrors, perhaps you could research Skid Row. Or for The Secret Garden, perhaps you could research both Indian architecture and the look of the moors in England.  For Hunchback of Notre Dame, you'd probably want to research the actual look of the Notre Dame cathedral and/or its bell tower.  For Blood Brothers you may want to research the time period & location of the show.  Etc.

6.  Watch:  KP Teaching Video:  Ideas, Inspiration, Transition (5:00) - should be RESEARCH VIDEO?

Google Classroom Journal Title:  Ideas, Inspiration, Transition  (week 15 - day 1)

1.) Write about at least 2 things you learned from this video.

2.) List  3-5 things (from your OWN ideas) that you could research for YOUR show's scenic design. 

  • For example, perhaps you have an idea to create a grand staircase as part of your you research different "grand staircase" looks that inspire you. Or maybe you want to create an Indian bed/headboard, so you research various patterns used in traditional Indian designs.  Or maybe you want to design fabric-based waves so you research different ways to effectively create this look on stage.  The possibilities are endless , but the ideas of WHAT to research must come from YOU.

7.  Research:   Spend some time researching FIVE topics that you listed above (from either one of your journal entries).  Read all bullets below...

  • As the scenic designer, you can decide which of your above topics (from your journal entires) would be most beneficial to research. 

  • Be sure to collect your research information and images AS you research.

  • Record any research that inspires you (or sparks ideas for your own scenic design) in the Google Classroom assignment entitled Scenic Research (Musical Design Project)

  • Note:  You will bring your research to class on Friday to have a discussion with Ms. Price about what inspired you and the direction you hope to take your design.  You will get a grade based on your preparedness in this one-on-one design meeting, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time in advance to work on research and ideas/inspiration.  (Also, come with the scene #s/pages for which you will be designing.)

8.  Reflect on your INDIVIDUAL focus for the week (after Friday's class on 12/11) and write about it in your Process Journal in Google Classroom under Week 15 (end-of-week reflection)

Note:  You can read/access your Final Musical Design Project assignment HERE the and the rubric  HERE.  

This week's ZOOM class:

Day 1:  Tuesday, December 8 @ 12:50  (Check-in & guidelines for this week's learning - REQUIRED attendance)

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