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Stagecraft Show Project: 


For this project, the student must come up with a promotional plan that includes an extensive Promotional Brainstorm that is narrowed down to a choice of 3 in-school, 3 district, and 3 community promotional ideas/concepts.  For his/her presentation, the student must make one of each of those promotional pieces to share with the class (i.e. 1 in-school, 1 district, and 1 community).   See Ms. Price for more information or ideas.


*Note:  You MUST have adequate graphic design experience/expertise to choose this project!

In creating a promotions plan for this project, you must:

1.)  READ the entire play/musical for an upcoming OHS play or musical.

2.)  Spend a good deal of time brainstorming about various ways you could promote the show.  Your brainstorms should be written/sketched out, but don’t have to be presentation-worthy.  Brainstorms can be messy, but should include LOTS and LOTS of ideas.  Think outside the box!

3.)  Create a list of 3 promotional ideas from your brainstorm for each of the following 3 target audiences: 

• Target Audience:  OHS  (promoting the show to our High School population - in a way that’s EFFECTIVE)

• Target Audience:  Oxford COMMUNITY  (promoting the show to the Oxford community - in a way that reaches those who may not have students in the High School or district)

• Target Audience:  Oakland COUNTY (promoting the show to the greater community outside Oxford)

4.) Create one promotional piece for each of the three above target audiences.  Be creative and professional.  The quality of the pieces created must reflect what OHS might actually use to promote shows...NOT hand drawn ideas, or “crafty” projects.  This project requires professionalism and real-world graphic design skills.


For your presentation to the class, be sure to have the following:

1.)  Your 3 created promotional pieces.

2.)  Your director’s concept and how it influenced your choices and design.

3.)  Your designer’s notebook, your brainstorms, your target audience lists, and any inspirational images or pieces that directed you in your design

You can use powerpoint, videos, or any other creative ways you choose to present your designs, but whatever you do, be sure to prepare an actual PRESENTATION of your work.  (Don’t “wing” it.)





A short lesson in “Typography” (if creating posters, billboards, flyers, or any other visual representation of show)


Video:  Chip Kidd explains “What Stories Look Like” (start at 2:17-6:53* ; 9:26-11:02 ;14:07-16:20)


(Ms. Price can show you several examples from previous shows, upon request.)

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