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Stagecraft:  Week 2

(September 8-11 - half class)

Important terms are in RED.

Google Classroom assignments are in BLUE.

If ABSENT, you are REQUIRED to read / understand / do all activities posted for that day, even if it's not an "assignment".  

1.)  Reviewed names and the "purpose" of the course.

2.)  Read  Ms. Price's feedback on your "Scenic Design Elements" assignment.  (Google Classroom)

3.)  Discussed how scenic designers envision the "world of the play" (what the musical/play should "feel"/look like) and what it takes to create those "worlds".

  • Watched a scenic designer (David Korins) discuss his designs in two different shows:  Misery & Hamilton (click each to watch, even if you were absent)

4.)  Discussed who builds the scenic designers' visions (Set Construction Supervisor with Crew of builders, painters, and artisans)

5.)  Discussed:  In order to effectively work in a scene shop, you need to...

  • work together as a team

  • work safely, quickly, and to a designer's plan

  • know some stage basics

  • know the proper tools and their uses

6.)  Learned the names of Fastening Tools  (see "Fastening Tools" page in your Class Notes in Google Classroom)

1.  hammer

2. screwdriver (flat head)

3. screwdriver (Phillips)

4. Drill (corded)

5. Drill (cordless)

6. Drill bits

7. Staple gun

8. Nail gun

9. Air compressor

7.)  Went to the scene shop and learned/performed some basic skills with fastening tools (drills, hammers, nail guns)

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