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Stagecraft:  Week 6 

(October 5-9, 2020)

Important terms are in RED.

Google Classroom assignments are in BLUE.

If ABSENT, you are REQUIRED to read / understand / do all activities posted for that day, even if it's not an "assignment".  

DAY 1:

1.) Reviewed:  Names of theatre light fixtures

2.) Completed (individually):  "Reflection - Building a Flat/Platform" (in Google Classroom)

3.) Debriefed:  Guys partnered with girls and partners debriefed about the experience of building a flat/platform.

4.) Competed:  Guy/girl teams competed during a Review Game, to earn extra credit points on the quiz that is scheduled for NEXT CLASS. 

5.) HOMEWORK:  Next class, you will have a quiz on stages, stage terms, and materials/tools used to build flats & platforms.  (Study your notes on "Types of Stages", "Stage Terms", also know the materials used to make flats/platforms.)

DAY 2:

1.) Demonstrated knowledge of theatre terms and concepts learned so far in Stagecraft by completing a Quiz (see Homework above for further explanation of what was on the Quiz)

2.)  Observed the Lighting Design projects of Adv. Stagecraft students in the Theatre

3.)  Ms. Price introduced our next unit in Stagecraft:  WHAT'S UP THERE? 

If you were to look UP in a while in a theatre, you would see the FLY LOFT above the stage and CATWALKS above the audience.  In both areas, you'd see LIGHTING instruments, and in the fly loft, you'd also see rigging for BACKDROPS, CURTAINS (border, legs, main), and other things, such as scenery  (chandeliers, signs, etc.) that are flown in for shows...or even the orchestra shell that's used for band/choir concerts.  Next week's unit will focus on these things.

4.)  Ms. Price introduced students to their REFLECTION JOURNAL in Google Classroom.  This will be a place to reflect on personal growth as well as on videos shown in class and other activities designed to work on new skills and/or individual growth.

5.)  Choose:  Students chose an area (from the IB Learner Profile) to individually focus on next week.  (If Absent, be sure to complete this under Week 7 in your REFLECTION JOURNAL in Google Classroom

6.)  Watched a video (Billy Elliot Lighting) and reflected on 2 things that you found interesting, intriguing or new (in REFLECTION JOURNAL).

7.) Learned about the 3 most important functions of a Lighting Designer:​

  1. Light the actor

  2. Show the time of day/setting (season, location, etc.)

  3. Create the mood

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