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Stagecraft Week 7:  What's UP there? 

(Lighting & Fly Lines)

October 12-16, 2020; no school Monday

Important terms are in RED.

Google Classroom assignments are in BLUE.

If ABSENT, you are REQUIRED to read / understand / do all activities posted for that day, even if it's not an "assignment".  

DAY 1:

1.)  Ms. Price introduced our next unit in Stagecraft:  WHAT'S UP THERE?   (A unit in which we will study the world above the stage & audience - including the fly system, types of drops and drapes, types of lighting fixtures, the catwalks, the spot light, etc.)

2.) Ms. Price introduced students to their REFLECTION JOURNAL in Google Classroom.  This will be a place to reflect on personal growth as well as on videos shown in class and other activities designed to work on new skills and/or individual growth.

Choose:  Students chose an area (from the IB Learner Profile) to individually focus on next week.  (If Absent, be sure to complete this under Week 7 in your REFLECTION JOURNAL in Google Classroom

3.)  Watched a video (Billy Elliot Lighting) and reflected on 2 things that you found interesting, intriguing or new (in REFLECTION JOURNAL).

4.) Learned about the three jobs of a lighting designer: 

1.) to light the actor (front light)

2.) to show setting/time of day/season (cyc lights, scenery light, etc.)

3.) to create the mood (color, direction of light, use of gobos, scrims, etc.)

5.) Watched a video on Lighting Design Basics (If ABSENT, watch video HERE.)

6.) Learned about LED fixtures vs. traditional fixtures and what gels, gel framesand gobos are. 

7.) On-Stage Tutorials: 

Learned from John about...

  • how and where cyc lights are placed

  • color-blending (tutorial)

Learned from G about...​

  • how to hang and focus a fixture on an electric

  • how to clamp / lock a fixture

  • how and why to use a safety cable

  • how to power a fixture / plug into dimmer

  • how to focus the light to where it will hit on stage

  • how to use the shutters

  • how to insert a gel frame (color) and gobo (texture)

  • how/why to tie line loose cables

8.) Reflected in REFLECTION JOURNAL about one thing you liked/learned from today's tutorials.

DAY 2:

1.)  Reflected on what was liked/learned from last class' lighting tutorials with John & G.  (Be sure you've answered this question in your REFLECTION JOURNAL.

2.) Watched a video (The Stagehand who told Stories with Lights5:58)

3.)  Reviewed:  parts of a lighting fixture, gels/gel frames, gobos, 3 jobs of a lighting designer, names of fixtures

4.)  Watched a video (Light & Sound Board Operators - 4:00)  Responded in REFLECTION JOURNAL (Journal Title:  Video:  Light & Sound Board Operators) about 2-3 things you learned about light/sound boards from the video.

5.)  Learned a new skill:  How to wrap a cable/cord in theatre  (If ABSENT, see Ms. Price and she will teach you.)

6.)  Watched a video (How a Broadway Show 'Lights the Lights' - 6:27) and learned/reviewed lighting terms shared.  (New terms = "wash", practicals, master electrician, deck electrician, etc.)

7.) On Stage Tutorials:  Finished yesterday's lighting tutorials (color blending & hanging fixtures)

8.) Reflected on your individual focus/goal for the week. (Google Classroom REFLECTION JOURNAL - week 7)

Go Deeper (Optional):

Additional Videos on Lighting:

Additional Videos on Sound:

Additional Videos on Special Effects on Stage: 

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