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Stagecraft Week 9:  What's BACK there? 

(Stage Managers, Props Masters)

March 22-26, 2021

Important terms are in RED.

Google Classroom assignments are in BLUE.

If ABSENT, you are REQUIRED to read / understand / do all activities posted for that day, even if it's not an "assignment".  

DAY 1:

1.)  Reflected on individual goal from last week.  (Be sure to answer the "end of week" reflection under Week 8 in your REFLECTION JOURNAL in Google Classroom.)  

2.) Chose an area (from the IB Learner Profile) to individually focus on this week.  (If Absent, be sure to complete this under Week 9 in your REFLECTION JOURNAL in Google Classroom.  Discussed the class focus of PROBLEM-SOLVING for this week.

3.)  Watched a video (Problem Solving in Mary Poppins).

4.)  Discussed the next focus of WHAT'S BACK THERE?  

5.) Discussed the process of finding/documenting props for a production.  

  • If you had to make/gather props for a show, what's the FIRST thing you would need to do?  (Read the script)

  • How would you KEEP TRACK of what you need to make/gather after reading the script? (Make a props spreadsheet/list)  NOTE:  We observed a props list and what's included on it, such as page numbers, item(s) needed, quantity needed, & any special notes about that prop, etc.

  • After creating a props list, what might be the NEXT STEP? (make or find all props needed)

6.)  Watched a video (Props Masters 2:10-10:26) and responded in REFLECTION JOURNAL (Journal Title:  Finding/Gathering Props) about 3 things you learned about props masters from the video.

7.) Discussed/Reviewed what was learned last week about Tech Directors & Stage Managers

  • Reviewed: 

    • callboard

    • "spiking a set"

    • spike tape

    • gaff tape

    • glow tape

8.) Watched an additional video of an SM "calling a show" and analyzed both the calls & the scene shifts.

9.) Learned about how SM's "spike" sets using groundplans (a scaled drawing of the stage/set).

10.)  Learned how to use a scale ruler and work "in scale".  (If ABSENT, read this handout and Ms. Price will work with you next class on this required skill for Stagecraft.)

11.)  Problem-solved with partners to create a groundplan of the OHS stage (to be used later when designing a set).

DAY 2:

1.)  Watched a video (SM's: What do they do?) and responded in REFLECTION JOURNAL (Journal Title:  New things I learned about SM's) about 3 NEW things you learned about stage managers from this video.

2.) Reviewed how SM's "spike" sets using a groundplan (a scaled drawing of the stage/set).

3.) Reviewed how to work in scale using a scale ruler.  This is a REQUIRED skill to master in this class.  For more information click HERE.  (This is also available in your Google Classroom CLASS NOTES.) 

4.) Ms. Price explained the next two projects:

  • Project #1:  Create a groundplan of the OHS stage (which will be used later in the semester when you design a set)

    • This project requires you to work in scale (1/2" scale) using the actual measurements of the OHS stage to create a scaled "blueprint" of the stage.  Your groundplan should include the center line, plaster line, legs, and apron.  

  • Project #2:  Find/Make Props & Create a Props Table

    • This project requires you to find props (in the OHS Props room) from a list of props you'll receive from Ms. Price.  You will then create a backstage props table to display your props, using techniques shared in class.

5.) Students worked in pairs on their groundplans. 

  • Once complete, students were given a scale MASTERY test, which must be passed.  (This is a required stagecraft skill.) 

  • Once done with the mastery test, students were then given the opportunity to begin the work of planning and gathering props for their props tables.


Go Deeper (Optional):

Additional Videos on Special Effects on Stage: 

Additional Videos on Stage Management:


Additional Videos on Props:  

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