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This Unit in Stagecraft:


Day 1:   FRONT OF HOUSE - House Manager

  • Ms. Price asked students:  If you were anywhere in the theatre spaces OTHER THAN the stage or backstage (which includes all backstage auxiliary spaces) during a theatre production, in what spaces would you be?  This unit is focused on those spaces/roles in theatre.  ("What's OUT there?")

  • Ms. Price explained the term "front of house":  In the performance arts, "front of house" (FOH) is the part of the performance venue that is open to the public.  In theatre (and live music venues) it consists of the auditorium and foyers, as opposed to the stage and backstage areas.

  • Ms. Price posed the question:  What JOBS might be included in "front of house"?  

  • Ms. Price showed a video (see questions below):  House Management and students completed Handout 

    • Students were asked to watch for the following...

      • Who decides when to "open house"?​

      • What are "customers" called in a theatre?

      • What other FOH positions were mentioned?

      • What does a House Manager DO before a show?

      • What does it mean to "hold the show"?

      • What does it mean when the sound crew "has the house"?

    • After viewing video, discussed (as a class) the above questions.

  • (Worked in Scene Shop after mini-lesson)

Day 2:   FRONT OF HOUSE - House Manager

  • Reviewed:  What is FOH and what does it include?  What roles?

  • Watched an additional video about House Management and discussed new things learned.

  • Did an activity in groups that sought to discuss/answer these questions:

    • List all the things that ​you think could "go wrong" for a House Manager before, during, and after a show.  (Think about what could happen at the venue or with patrons.)

    • Discuss the SKILLS, PROCEDURES, and TRAINING a House Manager might need to have (or have available to him/her).

    • What factors could contribute to the BEST experience for OUR patrons in our lobby/house?

  • Ms. Price introduced the Usher Sign-up as a way to get involved with this semester's show (as ushers) and​ earn Stagecraft Hours.

    • Discussed requirements for Ushers (professionalism, "uniform", arrival times, responsibilities, etc.)

  • Ms. Price took students on a lobby tour in which everyone sought to observe all the things in the lobby and surrounding areas that could make for a BETTER patron experience.  Discussed.​​ 

  • (Worked in Scene Shop after mini-lesson)

Day 3:   FRONT OF HOUSE -  Box Office & Ticket Sales Manager

  • Reviewed:  What is FOH and what does it include?  What roles?

  • Watched a video on Box Office & Ticket Sales Manager and completed Handout 

  • Students received Usher Training for the next High School show (even if not ushering)

  • Students helped to prepare the House and Lobby for the show (Usher Seating, Box Office Signs, Promotional materials, etc.) in order to create the best patron experience.

  • (Those not helping with FOH tasks, helped in Scene Shop)

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