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Preparing for the Exam...

If you have not met Oxford's "Exam Exemption Incentive" requirements (i.e. if you have MORE than 3 absences in any of your classes...or 3 absences and MORE than 3 tardies in any one class), you MUST take the Acting Exam.


If taking the Acting Exam, you must study to do well.  The exam is 85 quesitons, and covers all of the material we've learned in class.     

(Don't worry...everything on the exam is also on a teaching video, so you can re-watch/learn what you don't understand or have forgotten.)



Remember, you should have notes for all these videos in the center section of your Acting Folder.  

If you don't, there are notes handouts availble on each unit's webpage (next to the corresponding videos).


Click HERE for a study guide that lists the concepts you must review or re-learn to do well. 





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