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Preparing for your final scene performance...



The best way to prepare for your final scene performance is to  rehearse, rehearse, rehearse! 

There are no short-cuts to performance...those with the most practice under their belt are the most relaxed & best prepared performers.




Click HERE for a preparation/performance requirements for this assignment.


Click HERE for a checklist  that will help you to prepare for your performance.

(Note:  You do not have to read the entire play that your scene comes from...but if you'd like to, ask Ms. Price for the script.)


Click BELOW for a rubrics  that will be used to assess both your performance AND preparation...


Knowledge & Undersanding  (used to assess students' ability to critically analyze a script, and to transfer that analysis to the stage)

Thinking Creatively  (used to assess students' ability to explore ideas and then develop an artistic intention that translates to the stage)




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