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my research & inspiration for 

peter pan's lost boys' hideout

by Krista Price, Director/Designer

After reading the script for PETER PAN, I set about designing the first set piece:  The Lost Boys' Hideout

I knew from the SCRIPT that the Lost Boys' Hideout was...

1.) underground 

2.) large enough for several lost boys to be "in" it at once (script included lots of dance & action in the hideout)

3.) in Neverland, which is on an island

4.) the lost boys' home

5.) "built" by Peter Pan and the lost boys

6.) made with a secret entrance so nobody knew where it was

7.) below a mushroom that ​has smoke coming out of it

8.) a place where Tink sometimes resides

The information from the script got me THINKING about the following elements for the Lost Boys' Hideout:

1.) since it's underground, maybe I could give that "feel" with lots of visible roots (meaning, there would also need to be at least one tree from which the roots originate)

2.) since lots of boys are in it at once, it should be tall enough that they don't have to duck too much, but short enough that it feels underground and cozy/homey

3.) since Neverland is on an island, maybe the outside structure could look "rocky" (since islands are rocky)

4.) since young boys built the hideout, it should probably look cobbled together and fort-like

5.) since the hideout has a secret entrance, that entrance should be fun - like a slide or a fire-man's pole

6.) since there's a mushroom with smoke coming out of it ABOVE the hideout, then there must be a fireplace BELOW (inside)

7.) since Tink resides at the hideout sometimes, she needs a place to "live" - a lantern or a hole in the rock that could light up?

After analyzing the script's needs, and coming up with some ideas of my own, I started my design research.

Notice, there is a THINKING/IDEAS step between reading SCRIPT and doing RESEARCH!

Finding RESEARCH / INSPIRATION for the elements you've analyzed from your script can be fun!  Here's some of what I found when I set out to discover inspiration for my own design (scroll through each):

The above images are those that MOST inspired me in my own design (although I gathered FAR more research/inspiration than what's shown).  Once I had a solid idea of the "look" and "feel" I wanted, I started to MAKE MY IDEAS VISIBLE by sketching out my design (see below).  

Then a team and I worked on how to turn my ideas into reality.  Scroll through the pictures below to see my design ideas go from SCRIPT to THINKING/IDEAS to RESEARCH to DESIGN to BUILD to REALITY!  

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