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SAT Prep Course

(aka "Collegiate Transitions")

This course was developed by Ms. Krista Price & Mrs. Leslie Okasinski, written by Ms. Price, and modeled after the following texts & sources:

Course Description:

The  SAT Prep course is offered by Oxford High School to familiarize students with the new SAT test format, as well as to offer practical tips and strategies to ensure greater success when taking the SAT test in the Spring.  The course will cover the content areas of Reading, Writing, Grammar, and Math, and will work to prepare students to better handle test anxiety, time constraints, and various types of standardized test items.  Students in this course are expected to participate to the best of their abilities while working to improve their understanding, skills, and scores in each content area.

Course Syllabus


Course Units / Schedule:

(as the course progresses, you can click on each unit title for more information)

UNIT 1 (weeks 1-2):  Meet the SAT (The Test and Test-taking Strategies)

UNIT 2 (weeks 3-7):  SAT Reading (Evidence-Based Reading)

UNIT 3 (weeks 8-10):  SAT Language (Expression of Ideas & Conventions)

UNIT 4 (weeks 11-13):  SAT Writing - Essay (Rhetorical Analysis)

UNIT 5 (weeks 14-16):  SAT Math (From Fundamental to Advance

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