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Acting:  Week 1
(January 29-February 2, 2024)

Important topics and terms are in RED.

Google Classroom assignments are in BLUE.

If ABSENT, you are REQUIRED to read / understand / do all activities posted for that day, even if it's not an "assignment".  

DAY 1:  Comfort Zone & Creativity


1.)  Participated in "Welcome Back" activities in class.  (Introduction to eachother and the art of Acting)

2.)  Discussed class goals for the first few weeks.

  • To have fun

  • To get out of your comfort zone

  • To learn to think like an artist

3.) Played name games as a class, led by Ms. Price.

  • Pool Noodle Name Game

4.) Participated in a getting-to-know you activity about Ms. Price  & her student teacher, Mr. Olds.

5.)  Discussed left vs. right brain and the mental tasks that are performed well by each.  Discussed how (in this course) we will be working to awaken more of the right brain that was prevalent in our childhoods, in order to "get out of our comfort zones" and create interesting art.

6.)  Explored different ways  to awaken your ability to "think creatively" by drawing (abstractly) to music, observing stylistic choices in visual art, and finding artistic elements on stage.  (Class activities were led by Ms. Price.)

DAY 2:  Composition

1.)  Reviewed class goals for the first few weeks.

  • To have fun

  • To get out of your comfort zone

  • To learn to think like an artist

2.) Played name games as a class, led by Ms. Price.

  • Blanket Drop Name Game

3.)  Accepted an invitation to our Google Classroom (class code given in class)

4.)  Learned about and took notes on the ways that "theatre is art in motion" by watching the video at the top of this page.  (Note:  the teaching video is also on youtube:  "KP's Theatre Class - Composition").

  • Note:

    • All of Ms. Price's teaching videos can be found at youtube, on her website (here), or on iTunesU.

    • You MUST take notes on teaching videos. The videos are the CONTENT ("textbook") of the course.

    • CLASS NOTES Journal is provided by Ms. Price, and can be found in Google Classroom.

    • If you were absent for today's class, you MUST watch the above video and take notes BEFORE returning to class.  (The video is also linked at the top of the Class Notes page in your Class Notes Journal in Google Classroom.)

5.) Participated in teacher-led composition creation activities in small groups.


(Discussed - a place to find what we do in class daily. Schoology will also link you directly to the Acting page on my website - where daily activities and assignments are listed..  Note:  Because this course is a no-homework course, all learning is done IN class; for that reason, you must check my website  BEFORE returning to class if you're absent.)


Day 3:  Theatre as Art in Motion


1.) Discussed Syllabus and guidelines/procedures for acting class.

2.) Discussed how students need to check Schoology (and click "Daily Agenda") prior to returning to class if they are absent.  (Note: All learning activities are completed IN CLASS since Acting is a no-homework class.  Therefore, you must catch up on any lost learning before returning to school when you are absent.)

3.) Participated in a warm-up activity (Mirror Me) with partners - led by Ms. Price.  Discussed relevance to acting/theatre.

4.)  Reviewed composition (the building blocks of all art)

  • Definition:  the arrangement of parts to create a unified whole

  • Elements of strong composition on stage:  Levels, Depth, Focus point(s)

  • Discussed WHY strong composition on stage is important.

5.) Analyzed various photos from stage and and the compositional elements in each photo that "spoke" to the mood/meaning.

6.) Students answered the following question in their Process Journals (which can be found in Google Classroom):  What constitutes art?  (What makes something art?)

Title:  What constitutes art?

(Provide your personal opinion to this question)

(If absent, be sure to respond in your Google Classroom Process Journal

Day 4: Creativity

1.) Reviewed composition & art in on stage.

2.) Watched compilation clip from The Lion King on stage.  Discussed what was striking in the clip and where "art" was seen on the stage. 

3.) Discussed how the director's goal is to create MEANING using ARTISTIC ELEMENTS, and how all design elements use COLOR to create subconscious meaning.  As a class, we discussed the subconscious and cultural meanings of various colors.  (Ex: black signifies evil, red signifies love or rage, white signifies purity, etc.)

4.) Discussed/Analyzed the cultural and subconscious meanings of various colors.

5.) Discussed how our first learning project will be graded on "Thinking Creatively" and how we will be working on those skills during our first unit in class as we work toward our first IB Summative grade.

6.) Discussed: Is there a difference between CREATIVITY & IMAGINATION? (If so, what?)

7.) Responded (in Google Classroom PROCESS journal) to the following prompt:  

Title:  Defining Creativity

How would YOU define creativity?  / What does it mean to "be creative"?

(If absent, be sure to respond in your Google Classroom Process Journal. Use (bold) title provided above, hit enter, and then respond.)

8.) Watched a short talk by Sir Ken Robinson in which he shares his definition of creativity.  (If absent, watch clip HERE from 3:02-3:55)

  • Creativity = the PROCESS of having ORIGINAL ideas that have VALUE. ​

  • Discussed the value of "thinking creatively" in your current culture, and future job(s

9.)  Received an Open-Ended Scene (a script was provided in class, but will also available in  Google Classroom - "Open Ended Scene")

  • Students partnered up and chose a color "to work with".

  • Pairs discussed the cultural/subconscious meaning of their chosen color.

  • Pairs were given an "open-ended" script and were asked to create a scene that conveyed the MOOD/MEANING of the color chosen, using the script provided.

10.)  Rehearsed and performed original ideas with a partner (Open-Ended Scene)

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