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Acting:  Week 14

(May 3-7, 2021)



Day 1:

1.)  If absent or quarantined:  Upload your monologue performance (to drive shared in Google Classroom) if you haven't already (see last week's lessons for more information if you were quarantined last week)

2.)  If absent or quarantined:  Complete  My Monologue Choices in Google Classroom

Completing this assignment allows Ms. Price to grade your monologue performance according to YOUR actor choices.  (Your monologue can NOT be graded until this is complete.)  

3.) If absent or quarantined:  Give Feedback on Classmates' Monologues

In the shared class folder (where you uploaded your monologue on Google Classroom), watch and provide FEEDBACK for two of your classmates' monologue performances.  (Click the "add comment" button - the speech bubble with the plus sign.)   Be sure your feedback is helpful, honest, and growth-oriented.  Compliments are acceptable, also.  Just be sure any feedback you provide is specific and not vague.   You are graded on the quality of the feedback you provide.

4.)   Discussed:  How can you build believable interactions on stage with other actors?  Discussed how we're moving from building individual characters (monologues) to scenes (acting with others).

5.) Ms. Price reminded students of the details of our final acting project:  preparing and performing a scripted scene with a partner.  (To read/explore/choose a scripted scene, scroll to the bottom of this webpage.)

6.) Learned about subtext (the unspoken meaning beneath the lines/text) and how important it is to developing a believable scene.

7.) Analyzed the subtext in the scene from the play, To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday  (If absent or quarantined be sure to read the play synopsis below before reading the linked scene above.  You need to read/understand this scene for future activities in class.  If you missed today's class, this scene was used to explain the concept of "a character's wants" which is also discussed in the teaching video below.)

A brief synopsis of the play, To Gillian...:

David loves his wife, Gillian. Unfortunately, she died two years prior (to this scene) in a boating accident. David deals with his overwhelming grief by continuing his romance with Gillian during nightly walks on a beach with her "ghost". While David lives in the past, other family problems crop up in the present/real world. Esther and Paul (David's sister-in-law & brother-in law) come for a visit to try to help Rachel (David's daughter), as David's neglect of his daughter and preoccupation with his late wife grows.  Rachel has lost her mother and needs her father to snap back into the real world to help her through her own loss and grief.  (Source)

8.) Learned about the  W's of script analysis:  

If absent or quarantined read:

Step #1:  Analyze WHAT is going on (on the surface and beneath the surface)

Step #2:  Analyze WHY the scene is happening (What's important to show the audience about the RELATIONSHIP?)

Step #3:  Analyze WHERE the scene is taking place?  (What is the "set"?  You can't block a scene without knowing what your set is.)

Step #4:  Analyze how you can show the WANTS of the scene.  In acting, we determine a character's intentions/motivations/wants by assigning a VERB to what our character is trying to do TO another character with his/her words.  This concept is explained in the video below...

9.) Staged the scene To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday as a class, while analyzing/showing each character's wants. (Click scene title to read the scene.)

10.)  Watched a video on  Wants  

Acting NOTES Journal - WANTS (Google Classroom)

While watching the video, take notes on what you're learning in your CLASS NOTES Journal (Google Classroom).  Be sure to pause the video as needed while you take notes.   Please pay close attention to the Lost in Yonkers wants/"verbing" examples in the video. This is a concept that you must understand and be able to analyze/do on your own in this class.   If absent or quarantined be sure to do this learning (and take notes) on your own.

Day 2:

"Help the Play" Day!  :) 


    (You will be required to choose a partner & a scene - read descriptions of each of the scenes/plays HERE)


     Scenes with 1  male & 1  female:

     Scenes with 2 females:

     Scenes with 2 males:

Important topics/terms/instructions are in RED.

Google Classroom assignments are in BLUE.

Ms. Price provides ALL learning for absent students in a self-directed format so there is NO NEED TO ZOOM if quarantined

Just read & understand/complete each of the day's activities below.  You are EXPECTED to do so BEFORE returning.

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