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Acting:  Week 4
(February 13-17, 2023)

Important terms are in RED.

Google Classroom assignments are in BLUE.

If ABSENT, you are REQUIRED to read / understand / do all learning activities posted for that day, even if it's not an "assignment".  

DAY 1:  Stage Directions 

Due to Senior Skip Day, KP adjusted activities (Seniors must complete all Day 1 activities before returning to class.)

1.) Finished final performances of scenes.  


2.) Students completed their Reflection #1 in Google Classroom.  (If absent, be sure you've done this by the end of class time today, or it won't be graded.)

3.) Reviewed that in the next part of our unit, we will be focusing on WHERE dramatic stories are performed and HOW to "tell" great stories on stage. 

  • Reviewed about the different types of stages on which shows can be performed (if you haven't already, watch "KP's Theatre Class - Types of Stages) and take notes in Google Classroom - "Acting CLASS NOTES"). 

  • Observed various photos from shows staged in the OHS Black Box Theatre and discussed/analyzed each.

4.)  Journaled (in Google Classroom PROCESS Journal):  What kind of environment do you want for this performance based class?  What qualities/things would help you better learn and take creative risks?  (Journal TitleOur Class Environment) If absent, be sure to do this on your own.  We discussed as a class.

5.) Watched a video ("KP's Theatre Class - Stage Directions") and took notes in Google Classroom "Acting CLASS NOTES" (If absent, be sure to watch up to 3:28 and take notes before returning to class...PAUSE video as needed for your notes.)

6.) Practiced stage directions with a class activity.

7.) Practiced stage directions during a teacher-led class activity (as learned about in today's video ("KP's Theatre Class - Stage Directions")

DAY 2: Stage Directions / Believability

1.) Reviewed stage directions, and took a tour of our OHS theatre - including backstage, cat walks, orchestra pit, etc.


2.) Ms. Price introduced the concept of "showing more than you tell" and "creating believability" with your acting choices.

3.) Participated in Partner Pantomime/Believability activities (led by Ms. Price).

  • Pantomime = acting without props (as though the prop was really there)

4.) Explored ideas for creating a new partner scene using specific stage directions given by Ms. Price (See "Stage Directions Scene" in Google Classroom.)

DAY 3:  Stage Directions / Believability

1.) Reviewed the concept of "showing more than you tell" and "creating believability" with your acting choices.

2.) Participated in teacher-led activities designed to develop STRONGER and more CREATIVE ideas for your scenes.

3.)  Rehearsed partners scenes (Stage Directions scene - available in Google Classroom) and reviewed RUBRIC.

DAY 4:  Performance

1.)  Rehearsed partner scenes (Stage Directions scene - available in Google Classroom) and reviewed RUBRIC.

2.) Collaborated with another group to ask "3 great questions" in order to get the other group to even stronger choices/ideas.  Listed "3 great questions" in Google Classroom PROCESS Journal  Title: "SD Scene - Collaboration" If absent today, write the journal title in your PROCESS Journal and "ABSENT" after it.  

3.)  Completed  "REFLECTION #2 (Stage Directions Scene)" in Google Classroom.  (Answered first 3 questions.)  If absent, be sure to complete this reflection based on you/your partner's scene concept.  

4.) Performed Stage Directions scenes and received class feedback.  Note:  Be sure you've written your class feedback on your REFLECTION #2 (Stage Directions Scene) in Google Classroom.

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