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Acting:  Week 4
(February 19-23, 2024 - Midwinter Break Week )

Important terms are in RED.

Google Classroom assignments are in BLUE.

If ABSENT, you are REQUIRED to read / understand / do all activities posted for that day, even if it's not an "assignment".  

DAY 1: (after Mid-winter Break) Motivated Movement (Rehearsal)

1.) Announcements:  

  • You MUST attend the OHS musical and complete a Summative Review of the show.  Please make plans now to attend.  (Limited free student tickets for opening night are available at the box office.) For more information go to

  • You will have a Summative Test (IB Criterion A:  Knowing & Understanding) in on Tuesday, February 27 on the concepts and terms learned from the following videos (for which you took notes in Google Classroom):  

  1. Types of Stages,

  2. Stage Directions,

  3. Stage Terms (we will watch Stage Terms next class)


2.) Finished performing Stage Directions scenes (for any absent students).

3.) Reviewed how "motivated movement" impacts believability in a scene.  (If absent, know that any movement on stage needs to be motivated - or have a REASON it happens - in order to be believable.)

4.) Participated in developing ideas for a new "Open-Ended Scene" (found in Google Classroom).  Focused on ways to show motivated movement while rehearsing scene options (led by Ms. Price).

5.) Decided which of today's 3 scene options you want to perform for a grade.

6.) Completed Reflection #3 in Google Classsroom (questions 1-3).

DAY 2:  Motivated Movement (Performance) / Stage Terms

1.) See Announcements listed under #1 above.

2.) Re-visited the term "motivated movement" and what it means when Acting.  

3.) Journaled (Google Classroom PROCESS Journal) about 3 specific ways YOU can IMPROVE your open-ended scene.  (Title:  "3 ways to improve my open-ended scene")  Think about motivation, and also your previous audience feedback.

4.) Rehearsed scenes for performance (see yesterday's lesson).

5.) Performed scenes and received student feedback.

6.) Watched a video:  "KP's Theatre Class - Stage Terms" and took notes in Google Classroom "Acting CLASS NOTES".   If absent, be sure to do this on your own.

DAY 3: Performance / Stage Tour

1.) See Announcements listed under #1 (Day 1) above.

2.) Finished performing scenes from yesterday's class activities (see yesterday's lesson for more info).

3.) Participated in a stage tour of our theatre (and adjoining spaces) to review stage terms learned last class.

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