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learning about SET design



Video: Designing Theatre: Comedy of Errors (4:57)

Journal Entry:  Scenic Design (Bunny Christie)

1.  What is the MAIN role of a set designer?  (it's stated right before the title is shown on the video)

2.  What does the designer in this video DO when she reads a script? (be specific)

3.  What does the designer look at and collect to develop her ideas? 

4. How is theatre design different than film design?

     (Notice how the "feel" of the show leads to the LOOK of the show.  This is ALWAYS true in design.)

Video:  David Rockwell's Set Design - On the Twentieth Century (2:33)

Journal Entry:  Scenic Design (David Rockwell)

1.  What is the role of set design? (stated right away in video)

2. Any theatre project starts out with lots of what?  

4. What is the role of collaboration in theatre?   Risk?

Video:  American Theatre Wing - Scenic Design (7:21)

Journal Entry:  Scenic Design (Riccardo Hernandez)

1. What does this scenic designer LIKE and NOT like?  

2. What does the scenic designer GRAVITATE toward?  

3. For a scenic designer, what is the first meeting with the director about?

   (Notice: how the MEANING and "heart" of the text leads to the LOOK of the shows.)

Video: Building Broadway: Hamilton Set Designer David Korins (3:10)

Journal Entry:  Scenic Design (David Korins - Hamilton)

1.  What were David Korin's first thoughts about designing Hamilton?

2.  What IMAGES inspired Korin's designs?

3.  What specific design elements on stage spoke to the greater MEANING of the show?  

Video:  David Korins, Set Designer of Dear Evan Hansen (3:43)

Journal Entry:  Scenic Design (David Korins - Evan Hansen)

1.  WHERE did Korin's design ideas (for Evan Hansen) come from?  

2.  Who ultimately determined WHICH of Korin's ideas would "come to life" in Hansen?  In Hamilton? 

    (Advice:  Never be afraid to explore "I'm not sure why, but I really FEEL like...") 

Video:  Set, Scenic Art & Props - Sweeney Todd (3:33)

Journal Entry:  Risk-Taking in Design

1.  What did the leader of the set construction DO with the designer's drawings?  

2.  What research images did the designer use as inspiration?

3. What materials were used to create decaying walls for the set?

4. What is the role of risk-taking and "play" in designing a set?



GO DEEPER (optional):


(None of this is required reading/watching, but if any of the above interested you, here are some Set Building and painting videos to take a look at if you ever want to learn more...)

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