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Adv. Acting:  Week 1
(January 23-27, 2023)
Creative Collaboration

DAY 1: Introductions

1.)  Read/Discussed Course Syllabus & Course requirements as well as the direction & focus of the course.

2.)  Observed photos from past Adv. acting shows in the Black Box, and discussed:

  • What did you notice...

    • about how the SPACE IS USED?​

    • about the DESIGN? (set, costumes, lighting, props, etc.)

    • about the AUDIENCE'S EXPERIENCE?

3.)  Discussed our plan for show(s) this semester/year.

DAY 2: Snow Day!

DAY 3:  Creative Collaboration

1.)  Students who have previously taken the class shared the most valuable thing they've learned from taking Adv. Acting.

2.)  Students who are new to class shared one thing they hope they'll get out of Adv. Acting this semester.

3.) Completed an Interest/Talent Survey (Google Form in Google Classroom) so Ms. Price knows your preferred role this semester.

4.) Ms. Price gave groups their first Creative Collaboration prompt.


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