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Adv. Acting:  Week 1
(Aug 24-25, 2023)
Creative Collaboration

DAY 1:

1.) Discussed the direction and focus of the course, and what previous students of Adv. Acting have learned from the process/product of the course.

2.) Participated in a partner creative problem-solving activity ("Got your Back"; Goal: Creative Problem-Solving) and discussed how it's related to how we often feel during the process of theatre.

3.) Discussed Show vs. Project for first and second semester Adv. Acting.  (First semester does a community show-related project; Second semester produces a black box show, but the pre-production planning for it begins first semester.)

DAY 2:

1.) Participated in a collaborative activity ("Birthday line up"; Goal:  Effective Communication) and discussed its relevance to the process of theatre.

2.) Discussed project possibilities for this semester.

3.) Discussed the many purposes of performance, and those that are relevant to this course.

4.) Observed photos from past Adv. acting shows in the Black Box, and discussed:

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