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Adv. Acting:  Week 2
(August 28 -31, 2023 - no school Friday)
The Creative Process / Creative Collaboration

DAY 1 & 2:


1.) Finished observing photos from past Adv. acting shows in the Black Box, (as well as black box shows from Ms. Price's previous districts) and discussed:

2.) Discussed:  How would you define Creativity?  What do you see as the PROCESS of creating and/or the process of creativity?

3.) Participated in a Creative Collaboration activity ("Monster"; Goal:  Creative Collaboration & Problem Solving)

4.) Spent time exploring/discussing this year's fall show:  Peter & the Starcatcher

DAYS 3-4: (check back after class)

1.)  Worked in groups to explore story, style, and theme for Peter & the Starcatcher.  (Documented findings in Google Classroom Assignment - P&TSC Exploration)


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