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Adv. Acting:  Week 2
(January 30 - February 3, 2023)
The Creative Process / Creative Collaboration

DAY 1:

1.)  Discussed:  What do you see as the PROCESS of creating and/or the process of creativity?

2.) Watched & Discussed 3 clips from The 39 steps:

3.)  Discussed the first Creative Collaboration acting prompt:  

  • As an individual, list 2-3 songs that you find moving or meaningful (1 title/sticky note)

  • Choose1-2 songs to share with your group.

  • In your group, share WHY you find that song moving/meaningful.

  • With your group, create a PERFORMANCE (scene or visual representation) that shows the intent/meaning/mood of the song you choose.

    • Your performance can be literal or figurative/abstract/metaphorical.

    • All group members must be equally represented in the performance.

    • Your process and produce are equally important.

    • (You will play the song during your performance, but it doesn't need to be the whole song - choose at least a a 1-2 minute clip.)

4.) Students were given time to discuss, create, and workshop their performances.  (Ms. Price met with each group to help them define the "emotional center" of their song and help workshop their performances starting from that emotional center.

DAY 2:

1.) Students rehearsed their group scenes.  (See yesterday's "Creative Collaboration" acting prompt.)

2.) Students performed their scenes for the class, and each was discussed.

3.) Discussed the plan for the next two days when Ms. Price will be gone:  READ the class script (The 39 Steps).  Read for understanding, but also consider the vision for the show.  (Note:  I will provide 2 versions - regular & abridged.  You can decide which to read, or you can read both.  We will discuss which version we prefer as a class.  And as always, there will be adjustments to the script as needed.)  Your script(s) MUST be read and ready to be discussed by our NEXT class (Tuesday).

DAYS 3-4: 

1.) Read (individually) the script:  The 39 Steps  (Remember, you must be ready to discuss by our NEXT class.)

39 Steps Trailers/Clips:

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