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the role of the actor

If you were cast in an ACTING role in this semester's Advanced Acting show, you are responsible for participating in class rehearsals as well as growing as an actor/performer/communicator during the rehearsal and performance process.


If cast, you are ALSO responsible for INDEPENDENTLY learning about the role of an actor as outlined below. 


Please be sure you document your learning/process in your Process Journal (and reflect on your process/journey).



(script analysis & Planning)


Task #1: CHARACTER CLUES SPREADSHEET (Formative Grade):  Create your own CHARACTER CLUES spreadsheet (by carefully reading the script).  KP will provide you with a document (Google Classroom) for this task, which asks you to find all the STATED (not implied) information about your character from the SCRIPT, including...

1.) what the playwright says about your character,

2.) what your character says about her/himself, and

3.) what other characters say about your character.  

Task #2: DEADLINE CALENDAR (Formative Grade):  You will receive a Rehearsal Calendar from the director.  However, you must learn how to manage your OWN time as well.  For this task, create a Deadline Calendar for all YOUR lines in the script.  On your deadline calendar, break down your scenes, and list which pages you want to have memorized by which days.  This will help you to learn your lines/blocking in "chunks", rather than all at once.  (KP prefers that you DON'T completely memorize lines until the corresponding scene(s) have been rehearsed in class, however, you should be VERY familiar with your character/scenes BEFORE rehearsal.


Task #3: REHEARSAL PROPS (Part of your weekly "Rehearsal Grade)": Highlight all YOUR character's lines in your script.  Highlight any props your character touches in a different color.  (Remember, you are responsible to be sure you have your rehearsal props, whether the Props Team has provided them for you yet or not.)

Task #4: (Summative Grade - IB: Thinking Creatively):  AFTER you've had time to analyze your character, you will look for colors, images, and textures that help to illustrate your interpretation of your character.  With these items, you will create a CHARACTER COLLAGE for your character.  This will be completed THROUGHOUT the rehearsal process and will be displayed as gallery art when the show opens.  (KP will provide more specific information in class.  Some semesters this is only required for lead actors, since other actors are creating design boards on their Design Teams.  Some semesters it will be required by all actors.)

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