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Acting:  Week 10

(April 5-9, 2021 - HYBRID)

Important topics/terms are in RED.

Google Classroom assignments are in BLUE.

If ABSENT, you are REQUIRED to read / understand / do all activities posted for that day, even if it's not an "assignment".  

DAY 1 (first VIRTUAL day this week):

This week, we will begin our next unit:  STORY.  Our first activity in this unit will be to read a full-length play together (which we will do during our in-person classes.)  There are certain plot structures that work well for live theatre, and some that don't work as well.  Complete the two activities below to learn more about types/characteristics of plot structures, AND things you need to know when reading a play.   These two learning activities (listed below) should be completed BEFORE the end of the week to earn credit.

1.) Read "How to Read a Play" and answer questions in Google Classroom CLASS NOTES (the reading is also available in your CLASS NOTES in Google Classroom - linked at the top of the page)

2.) Watch:  KP's Theatre Class - Plot and take notes in Google Classroom CLASS NOTES.

DAY 2: (your only IN-PERSON day of this week; if ABSENT, read/do the following...)

1.) Reviewed:  Is there a FORM to strong storytelling?  (Anecdote, Bait, etc.) 

2.) Discussed:  If you switched from performing an ORIGINAL CONCEPT/IDEA to performing a SCRIPT, what would be the differences? 

  • Discussed what a script LOOKS like and what it includes (character's name and what he/she says).  Discussed how scripts aren't meant to be read...they're meant to be SEEN.

  • Discussed ways to better use your imagination while reading a script.

3.) Learned about playwright Neil Simon and his Pulitzer Prize-winning play, Lost in Yonkers

  • If absent or quarantined, just know that Neil Simon is a well-known 20th century playwright who wrote many plays and screenplays.  Many of his plays were influenced by where he grew up (New York) and when he grew up (during/after the Great Depression). 

4.) Discussed  the "world of the play" that we will be reading in class (Yonkers, New York, 1942) and the ways the play's characters may be influenced by that "world".

5.) Read Lost in Yonkers by Neil Simon.  If absent or quarantined, you MUST read what we read in class! 

Click the links below to read the Act I, Scene 1...

  • Act I, Scene1, pgs 3-21 Exposition = the beginning of the play where we learn about the characters and their relationship to eachother

  • Act I, Scene 1, pgs 21-26 Conflict = the moment that "unlocks" the plot/rising action of the play.  The first big conflict often drives the storyline of the play.

  • Act I, Scene 1 - pgs 26-39 Build = the "rising action" in the story (in theatre it's called "build") - read through page 39

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