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Acting:  Week 12 - VIRTUAL

(November 16-20, 2020)

Important topics/terms/instructions are in RED.

Google Classroom assignments are in BLUE.

If ABSENT, you are REQUIRED to read / understand / do all activities posted for that day, even if it's not an "assignment".  


This week's self-directed learning (due by Thursday's class):

1.)  Be sure you have a copy of your monologue for this week's lessons/activities.  (Ms. Price passed out last week.)  For those who were absent, choose a monologue from the list below. (Choose your own gender/gender identity; girls can also choose Jay if desired.)

2.) Do: Finish watching (KP's Theatre Class - Characterization) and take notes in Google Classroom Class Notes Journal.  (watch 2:30-end).  Be sure to pause the video where needed in order to take accurate notes.

3.) Do:  Journal in Google Classroom Process Journal (week 12) about physical choices for your character/monologue.  Journal title:  Leading Center, Laban, & Mannerisms  (You may want to do this AFTER Tuesday's Zoom class session...but definitely DON'T do it before watching the rest of the video above.)

  • Think through possibilities for YOUR monologue character's movement.  Think:  How can I make choices for HOW should I show my character PHYSICALLY on stage?  How can I make choices that look DIFFERENT than my own movement? Then journal about the choices you intend to make for your character's leading center, possible mannerism(s), and TYPE of (Laban) movement

4.) Do:  As discussed/demonstrated in Zoom class on Tuesday, break your monologues into "chunks" (approx 3-5, depending on your monologue) where you feel the intention, thoughts, or motivations of your character SHIFTS. In these small "pauses"/shifts, choose a different "pose" for your character (as demonstrated in class).


5.)  Watch:  How to practice effectively (4:49) and journal in Google Classroom - Process Journal (week 12) about the following... 

Journal title:  Rehearsing 

1.) What did you learn that you found interesting?

2.) What from this video could apply to rehearsing a monologue for performance?

6.)  Rehearse:  

Find a quiet place in your home with space to REHEARSE your monologue several times over until you are comfortable with the end result.  Follow these guidelines:

1.) Make CHOICES for your movement/character before/while rehearsing.  (Analyze both the motivations of the character, as well as the type of movement that he/she should have.  The character should NOT look/sound like you.)

2.) PHYSICALLY rehearse the character. (Don't just "look at lines" or "think about it".  Acting requires you to develop "muscle memory" in your body through rehearsal.)

3.) MEMORIZE the monologue.  (As discussed in class - we all learn best through repetition and in chunks - so only approach one chunk at a time, and move on to the next chunk only after you're comfortable with the choices/lines from the previous "chunk".)

Note:  You must perform a minimum of 30 seconds in which you show strong physical choices for your character.  However you want to perform the entire monologue, you'll be eligible for an "A" (7-8 on IB scale).

7.)  Read the Rubric provided for your monologue performance.  Click HERE.  (This is how you will be graded.)


8.)  Record / Upload:

Go to Google Classroom and use the link provided to upload a video of your monologue performance.  Do this PRIOR to 11/24.  This performance WILL be graded, so be sure you take the time to rehearse and feel good about your choices/character/performance before recording yourself and uploading it.  (Also be sure you make/show character choices - THAT is what you're being graded on.)  Reach out if you want any extra help or need one-on-one guidance. 

Note:  As stated above, you only need to perform 30 seconds of your monologue.  Be sure the 30+ seconds you choose SHOWS your PHYSICAL CHOICES (since that's what you're being graded on).  A's (IB scores of 7-8) will be reserved for students who perform the whole monologue.

This week's ZOOM classes: (zoom code on Haiku)

Day 1:  Tuesday, November 17 @ 9:00-10:30 (attendance REQUIRED; bring a paper copy of your monologue!)

  • We'll discuss/review self-directed learning expectations.

  • We'll explore making/showing physical choices for your monologue character.

  • We'll learn how to break your monologue into "beats".

  • We'll learn practical techniques for memorizing monologues.

  • Come prepared to move; be sure you're Zooming from an area of your house that gives you enough space to move around.

  • If you missed class today, you MUST watch the recorded class on Haiku.

Day 2:  Thursday, November 19 @ 12:50-2:20  (attendance REQUIRED for check-in)​

  • After check-in/attendance, if you don't want/need help with your monologue, you will be free to leave the Zoom class and work on your monologue independently.  Your monologue performance must be recorded and uploaded prior to Tuesday's class on 11/24.

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