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Adv. Acting Final Project

1.)  Sign up (with a partner) for a scene to perform as the final Acting project.  (See the list of possible scenes at the bottom of this webpage.)   If absent or quarantined be sure you've chosen a scene/partner.


2.) Review the W's of scene analysis:

  • What is going on?  (both on the surface and BENEATH the surface)

  • Why is this scene happening?  (What part(s) of the relationship are important to show?)

  • Where is the scene taking place?  (How does this impact the scene?)

  • Wants? (What is each character trying to do to the other character with his/her words? Express the want as a verb:  "My character wants to ___________ him/her"


    (You will be required to choose a partner & a scene - read descriptions of each of the scenes/plays HERE)


     Scenes with 1  male & 1  female:

     Scenes with 2 females:

  • scene from 'Night Mother  (dramatic/intense) - No longer available; may be activating

  • scene from Ascension Day 

  • scene from Proof (dramatic)

  • scene from Steel Magnolias (dramatic) 

     Scenes with 2 males:

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