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Acting:  Week 5

(September 28-October 2, 2020)

Important terms are in RED.

Google Classroom assignments are in BLUE.

If ABSENT, you are REQUIRED to read / understand / do all activities posted for that day, even if it's not an "assignment".  

DAY 1:

1.)  Reviewed types of stages (and observed photos from OHS black box shows)

2.)  Journaled (in Google Classroom Process Journal):  What kind of environment do you want for this performance based class?  What qualities/things would help you better learn and take creative risks?  (Title:  Our Class Environment)

3.) Ms. Price introduced the concept of "showing more than you tell" and "creating believability" with your acting choices.

4.) Watched a video ("KP's Theatre Class - Stage Directions") and took notes in Google Classroom "Acting Class Notes" Journal.  (Only watched to 3:28.)

5.) Practiced stage directions with a class activity.

6.) Participated in Partner Pantomime/Believability activities (led by Ms. Price).

7.) Explored ideas by creating a scene with a partner to specific stage directions given (See "Stage Directions Scene" in Google Classroom.)

DAY 2:

1.)  Discussed what makes something "believable".

2.) Reviewed ALICE training (and practiced with door locks).

3.) Rehearsed ideas and scenes (Stage Directions Scene) with a focus on "Thinking Creatively" (IB Criterion C).

4.)  Explored depth of ideas by participating in "5 Why's" creative thinking strategy with scene/partner.  (Google Classroom Process Journal - Title:  "Stage Directions Scene:  Concept & Whys")

5.) Partnered with another group and shared scene concept (or acted out scene) with/for partner group...with the goal of getting "3 great questions" from the other group.  (Google Classroom Process Journal - Title:  "Stage Directions Scene:  Collaboration" - List the 3 great questions given.)

6.) Reflected on PROCESS and ARTISTIC INTENTION by completing "Reflection - Stage Directions Scene" in Google Classroom.  (Answer first 3 questions.)

HOMEWORK:  You will perform your Stage Directions Scene NEXT class.  Please be prepared.  (Also, be sure you've completed questions 1-3 on your Reflection prior to next class.)  You may want to review the RUBRIC for this acting project.'re graded on IDEAS, so work on your creative thinking strategies.

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