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Acting:  Week 5

(May 18-22, 2020)

1.) Watch:  Scoring a Scene (Scene Analysis)

Journal:  Scene Analysis

1.) Describe the various functions of BEATS in a scene.  (What are they?  List a few different descriptions given.)

2.) What types of things (3 were given) should you try to identify in the second reading of a scene?

3.) When you analyze your CHARACTER in a scene, you want to analyze his/her motivations.  Motivations, as described in this video (and also last week's lessons), are best defined as what type of words? "_________ words" (or as Ms. Price described it, "actable verbs")

4.)  Define blocking.

5.)  What should blocking DO?  (Describe what the video shared, but in your own words if you can.)

6.)  What does the video say has the greatest success rate for memorizing lines?


3.)  Watch:  KP's Theatre Class - Blocking

Journal:  Blocking & Stage Business

1.)  Who determines the blocking for an entire play?  Why?

2.)  List a few tips for blocking that you found interesting or didn't know before.

3.)  What are the 3 "layers" of blocking?  Provide a brief description of each.

4.)  What must you know (or determine) BEFORE beginning blocking a scene/play?

5.)  What is stage business?

6.)  Describe 2 possible "stage business" options for the scene, Proof.  (Remember, stage business often involves props and doesn't need to be directly related to the dialogue, but could/should definitely subconsciously support it and/or not distract from it.)

4.)  Prepare:  Be ready for Thursday Zoom Class.  (Codes posted on Haiku.) 

  • Come to class already having at least TRIED the above activities.  (It's assumed you've completed all of the learning activities on your own.  However, if you haven't completed it all, PLEASE don't avoid class.  It's still always better for you to come to class so that you can learn with the teacher present.)

  •  BRING A COPY OF THE "PROOF" SCENE TO CLASS.  If you can't print one, then have it handy on a screen.  (You'll be learning a new concept using this scene.)

  • Be sure you attend class.  You will fall further behind if you avoid class. 

Class attendance is REQUIRED every Thursday!

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