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Acting:  Week 6

(May 25-29, 2020)

1.) REFLECT:  Complete your Reflection/Evaluation in Google Classroom (This is your only assignment this week!)

2.)  COME TO CLASS ON THURSDAY, MAY 28 if you have any missing assignments. 

  • Ms. Price has dedicated class time this week to individually help students who need help to complete any missing assignments. 

  • If you do not have any missing assignments, you don't need to attend class on Thursday, so complete all missing assignments before 9 a.m. on Thursday.

  • If it's apparent you do not understand what you're doing, Ms. Price may "invite" you to class on Thursday, which would make your attendance at Thursday's class mandatory.  (She will be checking all work Thursday a.m.)

  • Remember, you must be passing the class to earn credit for the course.

3.)  FINAL CLASS (REQUIRED):  Tuesday, June 2 (@ your regular class time)

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